Grizzly Glacier. Photo: Jagged Ridge Imaging, via Wikipedia. Creative Commons License.


What happens when a group of friends goes on a hiking trip? If they are science nerds (and employees of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife), they document and map a set of quickly melting glaciers (publishing their findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal) and the nearby flora and fauna (in prep). Two of the adventurer-scientists join Gang Green to talk about the weird and unique life that lives amongst old ice (such as the endemic beetle, Nebria praedicta, that lives beside Grizzly Glacier) and how documenting dying glaciers can change one’s perspective on life and time.

Bonus feature: Learn how to make a Glaciertini, the new rage in haute mixology. All you need is glacier ice, vermouth, vodka and olives. 


“The EcoNews Report,” March 13, 2021.