Press release from the Eureka Police Officers’ Association:

The March 17, 2021 Sacramento Bee article entitled “California police degraded women in texts, called COVID patient ‘outbreak monkey’” includes several statements allegedly made by Eureka Police Department employees in private conversation. The Eureka Police Officers’ Association (“POA”) encourages a fair and prompt investigation into this matter.

The alleged statements in the article reflect extremely egregious behavior. They are abhorrent, and do not reflect the character, integrity, or attitudes of the vast majority of Police Department employees. Nor do they reflect the seriousness, maturity, or professional attitude this difficult job demands.

The POA does not, and will not, condone violent, racist, sexist, or indifferent attitudes towards the community members we are sworn to protect and serve, or each other. As police officers, POA members understand that their ability to do their job depends on the support and respect of the community.

The community deserves only the best law enforcement professionals.