Humboldt County Administrative Office release: 

Important decisions are made at this time of year. If you are considering cultivating cannabis this season without an approved permit and state license, please consider applying for an expedited permit for a small cultivation area of 2,000 square feet or less. These small cultivation permits can be completed within 30 days of application submittal. You have time to obtain a permit to cultivate this year and can find details for this new option on the Small Cultivation Ordinance web page.

Applications Assistance meetings can be scheduled by calling 707-445-7541 to help with your eligibility and application submission. The Planning and Building Department has assigned staff to the counter who are ready to process these applications specifically. 

It is not legal to cultivate cannabis without a county permit and a state license, except for personal use. Details for this option are detailed in the Personal Use Ordinance.

Code Enforcement will again be actively surveying for unpermitted cultivations of all sizes. Whether you received a warning letter at the end of 2019 or not, if you are cultivating without a permit in 2021 you are likely to receive a Notice to Abate Nuisance and Notice of Violation. The Planning and Building Department would much rather work with you and issue you a permit.