Photos from HCSO Facebook post

Post from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on Friday:

Yesterday, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Special Service deputies were joined by representatives from the Eureka Police Department CSET, California Department of Fish and Wildlife ,Humboldt County DHHS – Behavior Health and HOME program, and Open Door Community Health Centers, to conduct an outreach to houseless individuals at a trespass encampment in Manila.

The encampment, located in a greenbelt off of New Navy Base Road overlooking the bay, was established on private property without the owners’ consent. At the encampment the outreach team met with more than a half dozen occupants to connect them with resources for housing, food, an medical and mental health care. The campers were also offered a COVID-19 vaccine and some were even vaccinated during the outreach. The individuals were advised of their trespassing status and were encouraged to seek shelter elsewhere to avoid future criminal prosecution.

An illegal structure found in the encampment, with retaining wall and fire pit

While on scene, law enforcement documented the many environmental and county code violations observed at the site and posted no trespassing signs. The documentation will be used for future prosecution should the individuals decline to seek housing services and continue trespassing.

We know there is no easy solution when it comes to homelessness. However, our office has been working closely with our community partners to find ways to help those experiencing homelessness in our county by prioritizing social services rather than criminal enforcement. We strive to connect people with the right resources, giving them every opportunity to choose a better situation prior to taking criminal enforcement actions.

If there’s an area in our county that you would like our deputies to visit for outreach and enforcement purposes, please fill out our online tip form:…/Sheriffs-Crime-Tip-Form-114

Inside the structure with functioning solar panels and attached battery storage unit powering electronics

Fish and Wildlife documents a passageway excavated into the sand