63-Year-Old Man Found Dead Underneath a Myrtle Avenue Bridge, Where He Lived

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City of Eureka Hires Part Time Homeless Services Manager

Eureka’s Homeless Container Village Has Moved to Its New Location

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Local Homeless Advocacy Group AHHA Holds Meeting to Address the Ongoing Homeless Crisis in Humboldt County

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St. Joseph’s and Betty Chinn’s New Shelter Opens Next Week

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Eureka, County Aim to House 30 Homeless in 60 Days

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Eureka Designates Three Homeless Sleeping Areas to be Used on Rotating Basis

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Container Village Status Report: 36 Occupants, 22 Dogs; 18 Find Full-Time Employment

Connecting with SoHum’s Homeless: A LoCO Walk-a-Long

City of Eureka Publishes New Post-Palco Marsh Stats, Gets Chesty With People Seeking Public Documents

EPD’s Palco Marsh Retrospective By the Numbers: 114 Tons of Trash, Eight Arrests, Zero Dogs Seized

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MARSH EVICTIONS: 44 Tons of Trash Collected, One Arrest Made, Some Campers Remain (for Tonight)

Some Transition Into Shipping Containers, Others Prepare for Conflict Hours Before Palco Marsh Exodus

City of Eureka Pledges to Rehouse Palco Marsh 11, Store Their Stuff for 90 Days

Marsh Evictions Will Go Forward Monday, City Says, Despite Mixed Ruling From Federal Judge

Tomorrow a Federal Judge Could Stop the Palco Marsh Evictions. Here are the Arguments For and Against

Eureka Officially Puts Marsh Residents on Notice; Camping to End May 2; Waterfront Trail Completely Closed Next Week

Homelessness Activist Group Formally Submits ‘Sanctuary Camp’ Plan to House People Evicted From Palco Marsh

On Behalf of Homeless, Eureka Attorney Peter Martin Sues City, Police Department Over Palco Marsh Eviction Plan

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Human Rights Commission Calls on County Government to Somehow Stop Palco Marsh Evictions

Eureka Business and Property Owners Threaten Lawsuit Over Shipping Container Homeless Camp

Inside the New Plan to Move Homeless People From the Palco Marsh Into Metal Shipping Containers

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Chief Andy Mills Strolls Old Town, Informs Citizens of New Panhandling Restrictions

City, Nonprofit Proponents Miles Apart on Plans for Sanctioned Homeless Camp Away From the Marsh

City-Approved Eureka Homeless Camp Plan Gains New Steam With Mayoral Speech Last Week, Meeting This Afternoon

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A Focused Strategy Collides With Diverse Passions at Joint Eureka-County Meeting on Homelessness

Eureka City Council and County Supervisors to Meet Jointly Tuesday to Discuss Homelessness Strategies

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The Last Palco Marsh Homeless Camp Cleanup of 2015. PLUS: Testing the Planet Fitness ‘Judgment Free Zone’

Eureka Police to Push Palco Marsh Campers Back From Foot of Del Norte; Protest Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning

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‘All of Our Efforts On Homelessness Are Paying Off,” Says Eureka Police Chief