Two people have been charged with being accessories after the fact to the Feb. 11 murders of three people on the Bear River Rancheria.

Mauricio Eduardo Johnson’s mother, Melissa Rene Johnson Sanchez, and her boyfriend, Von Eric Keener, are accused of aiding Johnson after he shot three people to death, then fled east. Keener was in the car with Johnson and Sanchez was in a vehicle following them when they were pulled over by the Utah Highway Patrol.

Both Keener and Sanchez were in Judge Christopher Wilson’s courtroom today, with Keener in custody and Sanchez free on bail. Sanchez appeared with attorney Kathleen Bryson, who said Sanchez had just hired her today.

Keener, a prison parolee already convicted of failing to register as a sex offender, is now accused of being an accessory to murder and is being held on $25,000 bail. He was barely recognizable today, because he has gained — a conservative estimate — at least 50 pounds.

Both were ordered to be back in court Monday so attorneys can agree on a date for the preliminary hearing. As of now Keener’s hearing is set for Nov. 23, but Sanchez and her attorney may want a later date.

Johnson has pleaded guilty to the murders of Nikki Dion Metcalf and Margarett Lee Moon, both 40, and Moon’s 16-year-old daughter Shelly Moon. He is scheduled for sentencing in January.

Public Defender Luke Brownfield was in court today for Keener. Deputy District Attorney Jane Mackey was there for the District Attorney’s Office.