February 2021

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Felony Animal Cruelty Charges Against Arcata Rancher Ray Christie

Judge Tosses Torture Charges Against Suspect in Hoopa Roadside Killing Case; Murder, Conspiracy Charges Remain

DA Files Charges in Bear River Triple Murder; If Convicted, Teen Suspect Could Face Life Without Parole or the Death Penalty

Suspect in Bear River Triple Homicide Appears in Utah Court, Gets Public Defender Assigned

Eureka Sex Trafficker Pleads Guilty to Assault and Imprisonment of 16-Year-Old Girl; Takes Five-Year Sentence With Credit for Time Served

TODAY in COURT: Recent Weitchpec, Eureka Shooting Suspects Make Their Appearances Before the Judge

TODAY in COURT: Alleged Accomplice of Bear River Triple Homicide Suspect Arraigned in Utah Court; Updates on ‘Manila Five,’ Anderson Cases

Teenager Who Pleaded Guilty to Fatal Myrtletown DUI Crash Sentenced to One Year in Jail, Probation, Community Service

Local Woman Sentenced for Embezzling More Than $1M From Her Elderly Employer

TODAY in COURT: Fortuna Sex Crimes Suspect, Subject Arrested in King Salmon Standoff Both Plead Not Guitly

January 2021

Defense Attorney Asks Judge to Throw Out Charges Against One of Two Teenagers Accused in Roadside Murder Near Hoopa

Man Who Allegedly Fought With Eureka Police After Attempted Carjacking Will Stand Trial on Charges

TODAY in COURT: Accused West Del Norte Shooter Pleads Not Guilty; Sex Trafficking Suspect Hopes for Deal; Waterfront Murder Trial Delayed Again

Eureka Murder Suspect’s Mental Competance Will Be Re-evaluated

Ferndale Teen Enters Surprise Guilty Plea in DUI Manslaughter Case

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Trial Date Set for May; Accused’s Laywer Enters Pleas of Not Guilty

Judge Denies Bail for 19-Year-Old Ferndale Resident Accused of DUI Manslaughter in Myrtletown

December 2020

Eureka Just Settled Its Decade-Old Court Case Against Floyd and Betty Squires, But Its Battle With the Notorious Slumlords Continues

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Judge Rules That Ryan Tanner Must Stand Trial For Murder

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Prosecutors Play Jailhouse Phone Tapes for the Judge; Medical Examiner Testifies

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Defense Attorney Grills Lead Detective, Attempts to Cast Doubt on Witnesses, Evidence, Investigation

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Police Investigators Testify to the Discovery of the Body and Possible Murder Weapons

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Another Witness Testifies That All Was Fine Between the Accused Murderer and the Victim on the Night of His Death

ETTERSBURG MURDER CASE: Another Neighbor Testifies That the Accused Had Been on a Paranoid, Violent Rampage for Weeks Before the Killing

ETTERSBURG MURDER TRIAL: Girlfriend of the Accused Testifies That He Abused Her and Threatened Her With Death

Humboldt County Superior Court Shuts Down New Jury Trials Until at Least Mid-January Due to COVID Spike

Teenager Sentenced for 2019 Arcata Drug Deal Shooting; Manslaughter Plea Agreement Sends Suspect to State Juvenile Justice

Arcata Stabbing Suspect Will Head to Trial Next Week

Prosecutors Offer Plea Deal to Man Accused of 2018 Stabbing Murder Outside Arcata Bar

Murder Trial Scheduled For Suspect in 2018 Arcata Bar Stabbing, Even Though Pandemic May End Up Delaying It

November 2020

Witness Provides Gruesome, Hallucinatory Testimony in Ettersburg Murder Trial

Arcata Resident Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted Murder in Stabbing of a Man Sleeping on Eureka Street

Attempted-Murder Suspect Back in Jail After Being Freed on Supervised Release

Law Enforcement Looking For Suspect in Eureka Stabbing, Who Had Been Released From Jail

Eureka Man Serving Life Sentence for Murder Released From Prison Today, Following California Legislature’s Changes to Murder Felony Rule

Sheriff’s Office Launches Jail-Based Mental Competency Treatment Program

Jury Finds Coleman Guilty of 2019 Rio Dell Murder

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Jury Locked in Deliberations After Two Days

ETTERSBURG MURDER TRIAL: Main Prosecution Witness Garbles Testimony

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: In Closing Arguments, Defense Attorneys Lean Hard on Theory That Unidentified Jamaican Man Named ‘Dread’ Was the Actual Killer

Rio Dell Murder Trial Goes to the Jury

Ettersburg Murder Trial Delayed Until Next Week

October 2020

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Suspect Fingers Unknown Jamaican Man Named ‘Dread’ as Actual Shooter

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Suspect Takes the Stand

Witness Describes Execution-Style Murder of a Man and Dog in a Bathtub During Ryan Tanner Prelim Hearing

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Prosecution Shows Jurors Texts Sent by Suspect After the Shooting

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Young Mother Testifies She Was Brought Along on Ride That Ended With One Dead Against Her Will

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Prosecution Witness Testifies That Suspect Dumped Car at Their Home, Issued Veiled Threats

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Expert Testimony Anchors Second Day of Trial

RIO DELL MURDER TRIAL: Police Officer, Witness Testify About the Day Johnny Renfro Was Shot Dead

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