Local law enforcement spent their morning Finding Emu | Photos: CHP

Today is officially not boring. Earlier this morning, officers with the California Highway Patrol and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a loose emu on Rohnerville Road in Hydesville, which is maybe newsworthy in itself? Do many people keep emus in Humboldt? LoCO does not have reliable knowledge on this topic. 

Anyway, law enforcement was able to successfully subdue the bird and usher it home without incident. Proud of their efforts, our local CHP decided to post a few photos of the event to their social media and, in so doing, deployed all the emu puns.

From the CHP - Humboldt (emphasis added):

Did you hear about this little guy that got loose today? I guess he was feeling a little ostrichsized at home. At first he was a bit emu-vable. But eventually this Humboldt County Deputy and California Highway Patrol officer were able to get him wrangled.

Sorry, we don’t have an emuji to close out this story. Hope you enjoyed this post.

We tried to make it…emusing.

Wow. That made LoCO emutional. (Sorry.)

Anyway, a word to the bird. Thank you for inspiring our local public servants to discover their inner wordsmiths, li’l emu. You stay home now.