Great view of one of these big gray buggers poppin up his head. Or hers. Photo: Merrill Gosho of NOAA. Public domain. Via Wikimedia.




It’s Humboldt Baywatch time, and this week we’re turning our attention to that elephant of the briny depth — the gray whale!

If you caught that video of big grays communing with kayakers in Trinidad Bay last week, then you know: Now is the time for whales. The grays are cruising up the coast toward Alaska right now, and they have a habit of frolicking around our shores and inlets as they pass.

This week KHUM’s Midge Martin is joined by Michelle Kunst of the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust to blubber about the biology and habits of these big boys and girls, as well as the challenges they face in their long lives. Like many tourists to our area they tend to call in at Trinidad at some point, so Michelle knows lots about them. 

Let’s learn more!

“Humboldt Baywatch” — The Great Gray Whale

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