Murder suspect Austin Michael Medeiros, accused of killing a disabled woman in her Kneeland home, has been transferred from Santa Cruz and booked into Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Medeiros, 27, was booked last night on charges of murder, assault and battery, possession of a controlled substance and fleeing from law enforcement. He allegedly murdered 28-year-old Emily Rose May Lobba, who was found dead the morning of April 3 in her home on Greenwood Heights. Medeiros also is accused of assaulting Lobba’s caretaker, then fleeing in Lobba’s van.

Medeiros abandoned the van during a police pursuit and managed to escape on foot into the Arcata Community Forest. He was arrested a week later in Santa Cruz as he was reportedly trying to steal a boat.

Medeiros is from Warwick, Rhode Island, but had been in Humboldt County for an unknown period of time and had been spending time with Lobba.

Lobba’s parents, Alex Lobba and Mary Jackson, live in Ventura and held a memorial service for her yesterday. In a Facebook post, Jackson said “You may or not have heard yet that our precious fierce daughter Emily Lobba has passed to the other side. It was a tragic homicide death … she loved and was loved by so many people around the world.”

Emily also leaves behind an older brother, Marco Lobba.

Medeiros will be arraigned early next week, District Attorney Maggie Fleming said this morning.