Cal Fire press release

Humboldt County Roads, following a request from CAL FIRE, has closed Harris Street in Eureka between Hubbard Lane and Viale Avenue. This closure is to facilitate the safety of first responders and support staff assigned to the CAL FIRE incident base camp operating out of Redwood Acres Fairground. This section of Harris Street is restricted to emergency response vehicles and civilian personnel working under contract and assigned by CAL FIRE to the Six Rivers Lightning Complex.

The closure comes after complaints of speeding traffic and a near-miss accident where a firefighter was nearly struck by a passing motorist. Due to the large amount of resources assigned to the incident, large equipment such as fire engines, hand crew buses, and bull dozers are utilizing the parking area on the north side of Harris Street opposite the fairgrounds. Firefighters must cross Harris Street to get to the rest of the incident base camp facilities. The level of foot traffic is highest in the early morning hours as crews arrive for morning briefing and prepare for assignments. The low light conditions that time of day further add to the danger posed to the pedestrian traffic.

Travelers using Hall Avenue to connect between Harris Street and Myrtle Avenue will need to use an alternate route. CAL FIRE apologies for the inconvenience created by the closure. Public and first responder safety is always the top priority for firefighting operations. The CAL FIRE Humboldt – Del Norte Unit would like to thank the public for their patience and their support.

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