These candidates believe they are the ones to represent this peculiar shade of red/orange, which we don’t know what to call. What do you call it? Photo: Andrew Goff.


Incumbent First Ward City Councilmember Leslie Castellano will run unopposed for reelection on the November ballot.

That’s according to information just released by the city of Eureka, just after the 4 p.m. deadline for nominations for the city council races.

Two candidates for the ballot have qualified for the Third and the Fifth wards, which are being vacated by termed-out councilmembers Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel, respectively. They are:


  • John Fullerton
  • G. Mario Fernandez

Fullerton is a former member of the Eureka Planning Commission and a former candidate for office. Fernandez is a member of the board of Eureka City Schools.


  • Nicholas Kohl
  • Renee Contreras De Loach

Kohl is the owner of Oberon restaurant in Old Town. The Outpost doesn’t know much about De Loach, apart from the fact that she participated in the Eureka Women’s March despite being a “pro-life, Republican, anti-government-making-women’s-decisions, stay-at-home mom.

The Mayor’s race, if there is one, is still TBD. Bergel has submitted her paperwork, according to a city press release, but because incumbent Susan Seaman chose not to run for reelection the deadline is extended until Wednesday at 4 p.m.