Google Earth view of Mouralherwaqh, the King Salmon-area forest recently acquired by the Wiyot Tribe.


In July, the Wiyot Tribe finalized the acquisition of a 46-acre coastal property in the ecologically and culturally significant Wiyot place of Mouralherwaqh or “wolf’s house,” which will be prioritized for ecocultural restoration purposes.

The property is located at the present day site known as King Salmon at the base of Humboldt Hill and represents the first forestland to be returned to the Tribe.

Tribal citizens Sheryl Seidner and Hilanea Wilkinson, Wiyot Tribal Natural Resources Director Adam Canter, and Cal Poly Professor Laurie Richmond join Gang Green to talk about this historic rematriation of tribal ancestral territory and what #LandBack means to the Wiyot Tribe.


“The EcoNews Report,” August 20, 2022.