It’s almost break time on this fine Humboldt Wednesday. You’ve been workin’ hard (maybe). As reward, LoCO invites you to take a long lunch complimented by a tall, cool glass of milk graciously provided to you by the local funk purveyors and dairymen of Diggin Dirt. 

Specifically, we direct your attention to the Tim Cash-directed music video, above, for the band’s song “Milkman” — off their album Funkacillus Groovidophilus — which was shot in Arcata and released earlier today.

Diggin Dirt is wrapping up a lengthy tour of the western United States, but if you like this product and wish to sample further, we will note that the boys have already booked the Arcata Theatre Lounge for a two-night stand ending this coming New Year’s Eve. Got milk?

Diggin Dirt frontman Zach Alder has a special delivery for you