The mighty LoCO Elections Eagle brings tidings of another election season.


Election season is back, and that means LoCO Elections is back!

LoCO Elections is the place where you, the Lost Coast Outpost readership, may put questions to the people who seek to represent you in higher office. It’s also where those candidates may answer those questions, and also to communicate with you via their press releases about endorsements and policy positions and stuff.

Right now, here are the races we’re looking at on LoCO Elections:

  • Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters
  • Eureka City Council Ward 3
  • Eureka City Council Ward 5
  • Arcata City Council
  • Fortuna City Council
  • Humboldt Community Services District

Do you have a question for a candidate in one of these races? Cruise on over to LoCO Elections and ask it! Here’s a little rundown on how the system operates. The candidates with the green checks are the ones who already have a LoCO Elections account. They are standing by for your question.

Are you a candidate who doesn’t yet have a green check? That means either: 1) You haven’t answered my email yet, or 2) I couldn’t find your email address. Want to get hooked up with an account? Shoot me a line –

Are you a candidate for some other office on the current ballot, one that is not already listed on LoCO Elections? Would you like to have a LoCO Elections page too, so’s that people in your jurisdiction can ask you things? Again, shoot me a line and we can probably add your race to the site, if you promise to participate.

Happy LoCO Election season, everyone! Let’s figure out who the best candidates are, together!