Faith Carter, age 7, enjoys exploring the Redwood Discovery Museum

Redwood Discovery Museum release: 

New, interactive exhibits designed to engage and educate the children of Humboldt County will premiere at the Redwood Discovery Museum on Tuesday, Dec. 13th  at 1:00pm.

The unveiling will provide a unique look at the new exhibits. The first exhibit, “Simple Machines”, features a pulley mechanism which teaches about redirection of force and torque, and the archimedes screw, which displays upward force. The second exhibit exemplifies the development and behaviors of tornados and vortexes. The third exhibit shows the effects of magnetism regarding opposite and like poles. The exhibit consists of different magnetic materials, and a fun Humboldt-inspired character.  

Students of Cal Poly Humboldt’s Engineering 215 Intro to Design work on a prototype of a vortex. The final project will be installed in the Discovery Museum on December 13th.

In collaboration with Cal Poly Humboldt, the new additions to the museum were fully designed and built by engineering students as part of their class project. The students will be in attendance to speak more about their exhibits and the process of creating them.

The presentation will begin at 1 p.m. and will be located at the museum’s site, 612 G Street #102 in Eureka. For the general public, admission to the museum is $6 for adults and children aged 2 and up.

The Discovery Museum is focused on serving the community and creating an educationally-fun and engaging environment. As a nonprofit organization, all funds raised from events and general ticket sales support the growth of the museum and its mission.

Museum director Stephanie Carter explains that the museum hopes to create happy, lasting memories for children and their parents. “Our mission is to foster not only a life-long passion for learning, exploration, and discovery, but the parent-child connection by providing a positive environment where important core memories are created,” said Carter. “We firmly believe in the power of fun and educational moments experienced together as a family, and have seen first-hand how the museum has positively influenced the path of life for the children and families that visit us on a regular basis.”

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