The Lloyd in the immediate aftermath of the quake. Photo: Ryan Burns.


The power’s back on in Eureka and parts north, and today comes a more sober-headed assessment of what the quake hath wrought.

Eureka City Manager Miles Slattery tells the Outpost that two homes in the city have been red-tagged due to chimney collapse, with another three being inspected today. That seems to be the extent of the residential structural damage.

On the commercial side of the equation, Slattery tells us that a couple of buildings in Old Town were provisionally shuttered yesterday, including the ones that house Humboldt Bay Provisions and the Taste of Bim restaurant — but that reinspection after the power came back on showed them to be just structurally sound. They’re back in action.

The city’s biggest headache by far is the Lloyd Building, that big brick behemoth on Fifth Street between C and D streets. One lane of traffic is still closed on Fifth while engineers and inspectors tally up the exact damage to the building, which is known to be very vulnerable to seismic events. It’s not likely that they’ll find the damage to be none — it’s just a matter of how much they find.

“Once we make a determination, we’ll work with a property owner on the best path forward,” Slattery said.

Again: That owner is Betty Squires, widow of famous Eureka landlord Floyd Squires III. And also again, do go check Ryan Burns’ interesting piece on the history of the Lloyd, if you’ve never done that.