Hey, how about that wind last night, eh? I can’t be the only person to have had earthquake flashbacks when their home caught those gusts like a big wooden sail, rattling windows and shivering timbers.

Yesterday was the first day of a week of real weather we’re due for. It’s currently scheduled to clear up around New Year’s Day. Until then, get ready for big wind and big rain, and all that comes with those things — power outages, bad roadway conditions, etc.

According to your friends at the National Weather Service’s Woodley Island office, yesterday set a rainfall record. No Dec. 26 has ever been so wet, so far as they are aware.

Shockingly, though, we’re still in a dry year. Since October 1 we’ve received 12.06 inches of rain — not only less than the average (14.07 inches) but even less than last year (13.39 inches). This is especially troubling given that we’re in yet another La Niña year, during which the bulk of our moisture is frontloaded in the early winter months.

The biggest power outages at the moment are in Fieldbrook and around Weott/Myers Flat/Miranda. Apart from that, there are a bunch of spot outages around the county. Find yours here

All highways are currently open, though the CHP is reporting branches and rocks in the roadway all over the region. Follow those here.

Buckle up! And if the fallen branches and rising water come for you over the coming days, you have our sympathy. Let us know, and also please let the National Weather Service know. They’ve got a quick form you can fill out and it’ll help their forecasting.