Earlier this afternoon, the Humboldt County Elections Office published its final tally of the election that took place one month ago today. And there are no surprises! Everyone who was leading two weeks ago has won.

That includes, Juan Pablo Cervantes, your incoming Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters, who finished with 55.92 percent of the vote.

It includes new Eureka City Councilmembers G Mario Fernandez (53.00 percent) and Renee Contreras de Loach (53.58 percent).

It includes one returning director of the Humboldt Community Services District, Gregg Gardiner (4,421 votes, out of 7,808 ballots cast), and one insurgent candidate, Julie Ryan (3,978 votes), the latter of whom knocked out incumbent Alan Bongio.

It includes those who approved of hanging the Earth Flag at the very top of city-owned flag poles in Arcata, which turned out to be 52.31 percent of the voting populace.

View full and final Humboldt County election results at this link.

Maybe worth noting: The final turnout, in this election cycle was 57.48 percent. That’s up quite a bit from the June primary (40.8 percent), as well as a notch above the statewide turnout in this election cycle, which is currently calculated at 50.6 percent. Good job, Humboldt!