Your President of Positivity is conflicted! Sure, she’s excited that her good chum Nazy Javid of North Coast News is furthering her career by accepting a position that will take her out of Humboldt and over to Redding, but it’s sad to lose a local friendly face (and sister in Zumba). The good news — Nazy’s specialty — is that if you’ve grown to need Javid in your life over these past five years, her presence will still be available to you on your television when she begins hosting a two-hour morning news show that will be produced in Redding but will air in Humboldt on KAEF ABC 23 starting on Jan. 31. So there!

Michaele and all of Humboldt wish you well, Nazy! See you literally soon. Ciao Bella!

# # #

Below: Nazy friends and fans say see ya.  Photos: Matt Filar