Four years ago, Bergel kicked off her city council reelection campaign at that selfsame Madaket Plaza. Photo: Andrew Goff.




Press release from the Bergel for Supervisor campaign:

Eureka City Councilperson Kim Bergel will kick off her campaign for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors representing the Fourth District on Thursday Jan 20 at 4:30 at Madaket Plaza at the foot of C Street in Eureka.

In her almost eight years on Eureka Council, Kim has worked diligently to improve the health, safety and quality of life for her constituents. She worked with the Transportation Safety Commission to get Eureka declared a bike friendly community, supported community projects like the Redwood Skywalk at the Zoo and passionately endorsed the return of Tuluwat Island to the Wiyot Tribe. She has worked with police and mental health professionals to better serve the community needs through the CAPE, UPLIFT Eureka and MIST, which assist individuals and families in finding jobs and housing.

Kim is dedicated to creating a fairer tax system for cannabis farmers and businesses and finding other ways to better support this legacy pillar of Humboldt’s economy. As a county supervisor she will also continue to show up and voice her strong support for nurses and medical professionals fighting to achieve safer staffing levels and more reasonable working conditions in our hospitals and care homes.

Kim recognizes that many of Humboldt’s upcoming opportunities , including new communication infrastructure, port development, offshore wind energy and the land-based fish farm will need political support as well as strong infrastructure. Humboldt County needs the well-paying jobs and other benefits these progressive projects will provide.

“I show up, I’m out in the trenches, I listen and I am easily accessible. I am passionate about Humboldt and I am passionate about building a better future for all of our citizens.” Kim says. “Let’s build on what’s working and face the challenges together.”