Local law enforcement destroyed approximately 4,500 pot plants at a grow site on newly purchased Tribal land on Thursday. Photos contributed by the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department.

UPDATE, Jul 3:

Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Chief Rolando Ramos released a correction today stating that he intentionally overvalued the cannabis eradicated during Thursday’s bust.


The following is a press release from the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Department:

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, Officers from the Hoopa Valley Tribal Police led by Chief Rolando Ramos were advised that the Tribe had purchased land off of Bair Road. We were asked to conduct a preliminary check of the land to ensure there were no hazardous situations that could endanger civilians.

Members of the Tribal Police proceeded to the area and found the main road leading to the new land mass was closed by a locked fence with an affixed sign that read “NO TRESPASS”. Officers made entry and proceeded cautiously.

Upon arriving at the first ledge, Officers immediately identified two marijuana cultivation tents. Also observed was a parked vehicle and a number of chairs throughout the area. We continued to proceed and found the location to be abandoned. On another ledge was another vehicle and a camping area with tents and camping bags. Clear indication that individuals were using this area to sleep.

Humboldt County Deputies and a California State Police Officer arrived on scene and provided backup. The area was secured without incident.

Further investigation revealed six more marijuana cultivation tents throughout various ledges of the land. The plants of marijuana were spread out in 11 rows with approximately 50 to 60 plants in each row. Each tent held approximately 560 plants.

Once secured, the total amount of marijuana plants recovered was approximately 4,500 plants. On average, one marijuana plant yields about a pound of marijuana, worth $2,400. The street value of this recovery is approximately $10,800,000.00.
All of the plants were destroyed on site.

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Police need your help in fighting crime. Please contact the police and report any suspicious individuals and activity by calling 530-625-4202.