Image via Arcata High’s website.


Today is graduation day at many local schools. Happy graduation day, grads! 

As every red-blooded American knows, this momentous rite of passage, a ceremonial transition from youth to adulthood, is often celebrated with epic acts of unadulterated stoopid fun.

We assume that’s was what happened at Arcata High School this morning, when an apparent joyrider caused the campus to go into lockdown. Parents were notified via email:

Today at break, we had a motorcycle rider race through campus.  The school went into lockdown for a few minutes.  Arcata Police Department (APD) was called and we quickly resolved the situation with their assistance.  APD is following up on some leads.

Sounds like nobody got hurt, which is good. And while the Outpost doesn’t officially condone such behavior, we’ll note that as modern causes for school lockdowns go, this one is pleasantly benign. 

Happy graduation!

(Below, footage from a kid who had the same idea five years ago.)