Look at those snazzy, new letters! Cal Poly Humboldt sign on LK Wood Blvd and Sunset Ave | Photos: Stephanie McGeary


More than a month after the university formerly known as Humboldt State officially became California Polytechnic University, Humboldt – or “Cal Poly Humboldt” for short – the branding is finally catching up with the name, with the majority of the campus entrance signs now displaying the new moniker.

Two of the university’s painters have been working since last week to update the signs, removing the outdated letters, spackling and painting over the old letter markings and attaching the new name. Since the full name is a little long, the university opted to go with the “Cal Poly Humboldt” version.

So far, the two signs on 14th and B Streets, the one on LK Wood Boulevard and Sunset Avenue and the sign on LK Wood and Granite Avenue have all been completed. Still unfinished is the main gate on LK Wood and 14th Street. The painters were still hard at work Wednesday morning, prepping the gateway signs for the new letters, which will surely be placed in the next couple of days.

Whether this latest development fills you with awe, pride or overwhelming nostalgia, (or maybe you don’t really care at all), we can at least agree that it will be less confusing for new students or visiting parents searching for the school. And maybe it will it make it a little easier for us locals to get used to calling it “Cal Poly Humboldt” instead of HSU.

Check out more photos of the progress below.

The other sign on 14th and B Streets

The corner of LK Wood and Granite Ave

A university painter working on the sign late last week

The ghost letters

The still incomplete sign at the main gate