“Voting,” according to the DALL-E artificial intelligence image generator.

Hey, you. Pssssst. Election Day is tomorrow. Remember? It’s getting down to the wire, here. And you haven’t turned in your ballot yet.

So you’re a lazy-ass procrastinator. That’s OK! You’re in fine company. The important thing is to get on it ASAP. Really. Your good friend LoCO is here to help. For the sake of argument, we’re going to assume that you fall into one or both of two categories: People who don’t know how to turn in their vote-by-mail ballot and people who aren’t sure how they should vote.

How do I turn in my ballot?

The very easiest thing to do is just to drop that sucker in the mail! But, careful – you have to make sure that it’s postmarked on or before Election Day! So if you mail it today (Monday), you shouldn’t have a problem. But if you want to mail it tomorrow (Tuesday), you want to make sure that it gets there early enough for the post office people to put that stamp on it! To be safe, take it directly to the post office and put it in their hands.

Alternatively, you can drop your ballot off at any of the county’s 36 polling places – here’s a list – or at one of the drop boxes – here’s that list — or at Elections Office HQ. That’s at 2426 Sixth Street, Eureka.

Lost your vote-by-mail ballot? Then what you’ll want to do is head to your local polling place – here’s that list again – and request a provisional ballot. They’ll set you up.

Who do I vote for?

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for! But we are going to give you some resources to help you figure out who/what you want to vote for.

First: For all those statewide races and propositions, we highly recommend the incredibly useful 2022 Voter’s Guide put together by our friends at CalMatters. This is the home of the “Propositions in a Minute” series of videos so many of you appreciate, and they’ve also got a bunch of stuff on the Governor’s race, and the Secretary of State race, and the race for Attorney General, and etc., etc. They even have the Supreme Court applicants on there. (Though not, alas, the appellate judges. You’re kind of on your own, there, I’m afraid.)

For your local candidates and measures: First of all, you want to check the voter information guide that was mailed to you. (Didn’t get one? You can request an online version here.) That’s going to contain all your official candidate statements and arguments for and against measures.

Second of all: LoCO Elections! Most candidates in most of the most important races have been patiently answering readers’ questions, and you can review those answers at this link.

Third of all: The KEET-TV League of Women Voters candidate forums! You can find recordings of all those great events at this link. Scroll through to find the one you’re looking for.

Fourth of all: If you’re on Facebook, take a scroll through the candidate interviews conducted by Friend o’ the LoCO and Eurovision Song Contest expert John Kennedy O’Connor.


You now know as much as you’re ever going to know! Get on it!