Sara at home. | Photos: Andrew Goff

On Sunday, musical megastar and Eureka native Sara Bareilles returned to her old stomping grounds and showed her hometown it can do big things. Anyone who dares to estimate the size of the crowd will be guessing, so LoCO will go ahead and play too: There were a gazillion people at Halvorsen Park, which we now know is criminally underutilized. Eureka looked dreamy. 

The Outpost bopped around and snapped a few photos to commemorate the day which locals who attended are sure to wear as a badge of honor for years to come. We share those little snaps now.

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Eureka had a ball.

Sara is interviewed before taking the stage.

Huckleberry Flint warms up the crowd

Sara’s mom, Bonnie Halvorsen, chats with the show’s other opener, Mario Matteoli

Eureka City Council assembled

Mayor Susan Seaman holds a key to the city made for Sara by local craftsman Eric Hollenbeck

Mayor Seaman read a proclamation declaring it Sara Bareilles day


Sara receives her gifts: “This is unbelievable! This is beyond my wildest expectations!”


Onto the music


Boats line up to enjoy the tunes from Humboldt Bay

Locals gather on a balcony overlooking Halvorsen Park

The view from Samoa Bridge

Thanks, Sara

The day’s setlist

Aerial shot courtesy Jeff Abercrombie