Eddie! Photo: Andrew Goff.

Hey, people, please put your hands together for the newest Lost Coast Outpost reporter: Eduardo Ruffcorn-Barragán! Let’s hear it for Eduardo, everyone!

Eddie – or “Wardo,” as his friends call him behind his back – is a recent returnee to Humboldt shores, having ridden out much of the pandemic in the interesting town of Albuquerque, N.M. But he and Mrs. Ruffcorn-Barragán and their charming child are now firmly ensconced back here in the place they want to be henceforth.

Did you know Eddie before today? Possibly. For a while there he was the production director of, and DJ on, the late, lamented FM radio station 95.5 KBAE (“The Bay”), and even before that he was part of the mid-2010s HSU journalism cohort that produced such local legends as Sabina Gallier, John Ross Ferrara and Isabella Vanderheiden.

Did you see the launch of Eddie’s series “The Humboldt Hustle” over the weekend? Well, he’s going to be doing a lot more of those in the near future – profiles of people who find ways of making a living doing what they love in a difficult economy – so if you have any ideas for that, please reach out! He’s at eddie@lostcoastoutpost.com.

A note: Wardo is himself a hustler, in that he has only a dozen or so hours per week to devote to the work he was put on this planet to do (write for LoCO) while devoting the remainder of his time to his family, his hobbies and the out-of-town company that writes him fat checks and pays his bills. But that’s how it goes, ain’t it!

Welcome, Eduardo Ruffcorn-Barragán!