Be aware, ocean watches! Another big boat has landed on our shores, for better or worse! 

We warned you, of course. You will recall last week, when the Outpost foretold of future cruise ship activity in Humboldt Bay and, sho’ ‘nuff, on Wednesday morning the first of those scheduled floating parties — the MS Oceania Regatta, if you’re keeping score — has indeed paid us visit. Ka-ching? We’ll see!  

If you’d like to see this hulking sea behemoth, click the video above sent to us by self-identified naturalist guide Justin Legge, a board member of Humboldt County Visitor Bureau, who does a bang up job narrating the Regatta’s trudge through the fog. LoCO was admittedly maybe not all that excited about another cruise ship, but Justin went ahead and made the experience magical for us.

“Here she comes! Headed for the dock for a day in the redwoods! Humboldt County! Eureka, California!” Legge proclaims in the clip above. “Godwits feeding in the muds of Humboldt Bay! A harbor seal swimming under the dock! King fisher as it flies by looking for little fish!”

We cannot stress this enough: You should allow Justin to make this otherwise nothing Wednesday special for you. Watch now!