A new mural co-designed by Brian Tripp and Alme Allen will appear in Arcata this month | REBOUND

REBOUND press release: 

This September Arcata will be graced with a new mural featuring artwork originally created by acclaimed Indigenous Artist and Activist Brian D. Tripp.  The design entitled “We Been Healing That Way” was reinterpreted by Karuk–Yurok Artist Alme Allen with input and approval by the artist before his passing earlier this year. Installation will be completed by the Karuk Mural Crew led by Allen and will work in conjunction with Da’Luk Youth Program to inspire Native youth of the area to explore art. The mural will be painted on the westward facing wall of the Pacific Outfitters/Hatchet House building in downtown Arcata. 

This project was conceived and led by REBOUND founder Benjamin Funke, working with Alme Allen, Brian Tripp and their families.  The artists’ royalties will benefit the “RED HOUSE PEOPLE” Fund at the Humboldt Area Foundation, a fund created in his memory in support of California Native Arts & Artists. During his lifetime, Tripp was always known to support and encourage others who were learning their culture and working on their own artwork, and this fund hopes to continue this commitment.

Tripp, born in 1945 in Eureka, was raised in Klamath, California. He was instrumental in the revival of Karuk ceremonies and was a renowned singer and dancer in river communities. In 2018, Tripp was awarded the California Living Heritage Award from the Alliance for California Traditional Arts for his lifetime’s work to bring California Native art to foreground.

This project would not happen without the generous contributions and assistance by the Humboldt Area Foundation, Wild Rivers Community Foundation, Alme Allen and the Allen/Tripp family, the Da’Luk Youth Program, Julie Fulkerson, Ali Lee, Lindsey Bear, Aaron Ostrom, United Rentals, City of Arcata, the Ink People Center for the Arts and REBOUND.

The project is still short of its fundraising goal, but tax exempt donations can be made at https://www.r-e-b-o-u-n-d.net/donate.