The location of two parcels owned by Security National Properties, now the site of a housing development proposal.


We’ve been hearing whispers about this potential development for months, with local residents getting phone calls from an unidentified polling firm asking questions about a housing development project near the Indianola Cutoff between Eureka and Arcata.

Well, now we know a bit more. Security National Properties, one of numerous subsidiaries of sometimes-Eureka-resident Rob Arkley’s Security National Master Holding Company, LLC, issued a press release this morning announcing plans to build a community housing project on land it owns east of Highway 101.

While the Indianola Cutoff area is located just minutes from both Arcata and Eureka, it also lacks much in the way of community services within walking distance — no grocery stores, shopping districts, playgrounds, daycare centers, etc.

But the company notes our county’s housing shortage, saying the best use for this land is community housing “to support the area’s general, workforce, and student population needs.” And it does appear to fall within the service boundaries of the Humboldt Community Services District.

Reached by phone, spokesperson Gail Rymer said the company doesn’t yet know exactly how many units will be built. “We’re at those very initial stages,” she said, “Once we’re able to do technical studies and design, then we’ll have an idea of how many [units] we can do and still keep the aesthetics we want.”

The press release below says initial design ideas include a mix of apartments and townhomes surrounded by native landscaping, trails and access to public transportation.

Here’s the press release from Security National Properties:

Eureka, Calif., Sept. 21, 2022 — In response to the housing shortage in Humboldt County, Security National Properties (SNP) has taken initial steps to begin development of a community housing project on its vacant property located between Arcata and Eureka, east of the Indianola Cutoff and Highway 101. The company today submitted to the Board of Supervisors a request to authorize the County Planning Department staff to begin the planning process for the project.

“Humboldt County, like much of California, is experiencing a housing crisis,” said Tim Callison, project manager at Security National Properties. “Based on our initial research, we believe the best use at this location is community housing to support the area’s general, workforce, and student population needs.”

The development will be built in compliance with the CalGreen requirements of the California Building Code and support the smart development already underway in the Humboldt area. SNP is committed to using high-quality sustainable systems and materials, electric energy and renewable resources, and building with carbon-reducing transportation options in mind.

“As residents of Humboldt County ourselves, we are committed to a development that is economically sound, environmentally friendly, and supportive of quality community housing,” added SNP Project Manager Kenny Carswell. “The development will be designed in a way that respects the character of Humboldt County.”

SNP is looking at a community housing development with easy access to Arcata and Eureka. Based on input from recent polling, as well as discussions with community members, initial design ideas include a mix of unit types in both apartments and townhomes, surrounded by native landscaping, pedestrian trails, and access to public transportation.

The planning process will include conducting extensive technical studies on the property. SNP will be providing opportunities for community input as the project progresses in addition to community input opportunities provided by the County. Security National Properties is a commercial real estate firm with operations in downtown Eureka.

SNP focuses on transforming properties to serve local market and housing needs.