If only you could smell this picture

If you’ve driven through downtown Eureka this morning you’ve undoubtedly smelled it. The stink. It very much stinks down here. 

On a tip, LoCO called up Humboldt Bay Fire to see if they might have gotten wind of what’s smelly. Battalion Chief Michael Landry told us his department was called out earlier this morning by someone worried there might be a gas leak. But if you’ve smelled the smell, you know that ain’t gas. 

No, Landry said they followed the aroma up Fifth Street to Commercial Street and back to Pacific Choice Seafoods. The working theory is that a Pac Choice truck leaked some sort of fish waste on the roadway and we’re all just going to have to deal with the stank for a bit.

“It’s gonna take time to dissipate,” Landry told us. “There’s not much that can be done.”

Happy Wednesday, Eureka. 

Where smells are made, apparently