A firefighter hoses down a smoldering tree during a mop up operation in the Smith River Complex, August 22, 2023. Photo via Inciweb.

Press release from the Calfire Humboldt-Del Norte Unit:

CAL FIRE and multiple other agencies have been inundated with calls on emergency and non-emergency lines from citizens calling to report or ask about recent smoke conditions. The CAL FIRE Humboldt – Del Norte Unit requests the public refrain from calling 911 to report a fire emergency unless a smoke column or flames are visible.

Numerous fires are burning across northwestern California and southern Oregon. Many of these still-active fires can be expected to continue producing large amounts of smoke for some time. As wind conditions vary day-to-day, periods of time when drift smoke becomes moderate or heavy can be expected. For those interested in predicted smoke conditions, please see the National Weather Service’s Eureka Area Smoke Forecast at this link.

There are daily and long range outlooks available.

For those wanting information on the various wildland fires, visit this link.

Links are provided in the map to information on individual fires or complexes.

Again, CAL FIRE requests the public not call 911 to report drift smoke. If flames or a smoke column can be seen, then dial 911 and report it as an emergency. Calling 911 to report widespread drift smoke takes valuable time from dispatchers and may delay them from receiving reports of true emergencies.

CAL FIRE continues to assist other agencies in the Humboldt – Del Norte Unit. There are no major active wildfires that are the CAL FIRE Humboldt – Del Norte Unit’s responsibility.