Still a Steller’s jay for now. Photo (c) Kim Cabrera, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-ND)

On this week’s EcoNews Report, Humboldt’s preeminent bird nerd, Ken Burton, drops by the show to discuss the bird buzz.

The Christmas Bird Count is coming up. This bird count is very important to understanding long-term trends in bird populations and identifying species that require conservation attention. If you would like to help our local Redwood Region Audubon Society with this year’s count, please visit their website

Local birders are atwitter because of a new visitor to the area: a purple gallinule! This striking bird boasts a purple, blue and turquoise plumage with long yellow toes. Often found in tropical settings, this is a first time visitor to our area who somehow got far afield from its Florida breeding grounds. 

Bird names are changing! Out are bird’s named after someone—no more Stellar’s jay or Anna’s hummingbird—in are more descriptive names to be determined. And you can help. Our Redwood Region Audubon Society is looking for suggestions for the birds that call our area home. Give them a hand!