UPDATE: 5 p.m.: Today we were playing around with what that might look like and thought, what the hell, let’s share our dress rehearsal with Humboldt. We will evolve this thing with time, but we’re curious what you think! Let us have it!

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Original Post: Early last month, the social networking site Nextdoor.com exploded with the information that a very competent local news anchor at one of our two local television news operations had been, as that anchor would put it, “given the sack.”

JKO, enjoying downtown Eureka’s lunch options. Photo: Andrew Goff.

“Is anyone upset that [redacted local television station] got rid of John Kennedy O’Connor from the news desk?” asked one bewildered Nextdoor poster from the “Eureka High” neighborhood.

This question kicked off a furious whirlwind of rage directed at [redacted television station now owned by weird cable network], in which the Nextdoor community bemoaned the loss of the man who had come to inhabit their television screens at 6 p.m. He was not from here, clearly, but he was curious about the place, and he mixed a gracious and affable demeanor with just enough of the Paxmanesque or Sackurite strain of the British Broadcasting Corporation style to show that he was not to be trifled with, not to be taken lightly, and that for half an hour a day Humboldt was the most important place in the world and he was here to serve you.

Nextdoor demanded answers.

“Seriously! You replaced John Kennedy? Are you out of your minds!” asked a member of the Kneeland community, rhetorically. “He was the best anchor you’ve had to date!”

“WE listen to the nightly [newscast of redacted television station based on Humboldt Hill] BECAUSE of JOHN KENNEDY O’CONNER [sic],” emphasized a McKinleyville-based person, presumably on behalf of their family. “He’s excellent … how lucky we were to land him here!!!”

“Hoping to see John Kennedy on Lost Coast Outpost in the not-too-distant future :-),” smiled a commenter from the “Sequoia Park” neighborhood, emojifully.

Well, well, well! Give the prize to that last commenter, because as of today [redacted]’s loss is our gain! Please sound the trumpets and welcome John Kennedy O’Connor to Team LoCO! 

Now, you might be familiar with JKO’s work even if you never watch local news. You might have seen some of his interviews with local political figures like Karen Paz Dominguez and Brett Watson, many of which found a second life on Facebook due to their being unusually good, by Humboldt County TV news standards.

Or you might remember that time that he was our guest on Humboldt Holding Up, the pandemic-era LoCO podcast series. Or possibly you are a hardcore fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, and you know him as a world-renowned authority on the contest’s history.

What’s he going to be doing for the Outpost? You’ll soon see! We have a billion ideas, and one of them will launch sometime this week. We’re all very excited about putting John’s passion, talent and experience to work for the LoCO faithful.

Welcome John Kennedy O’Connor, everyone!

Oh, and by the way and completely apropos of nothing, please answer this question.