This is the aftermath of a strong weather event in Tennessee a number of years ago. Now Humboldt County is also a disaster zone because of the weather. Photo by Kelly via Pexels.

Somehow this only just now rose to our attention. Maybe it hasn’t risen to yours yet. In any case, know that you, Humboldt County taxpayer, officially have an extra month to file your taxes this year.

This is due to the recent winter storms that nearly flattened every standing structure in the area. [Shhhh… — Ed.] Humboldt County is one of 41 California counties that have been declared disaster zones due to the pummeling we took from the atmospheric river earlier this month. Because of this, the IRS and the state Franchise Tax Board have magnanimously given us until May 15 to file, allowing us time in the meanwhile to forage for canned foods underneath the rubble of the post-apocalyptic hellscape we all inhabit.

Here’s the IRS’s official word on the matter. Here’s the corresponding word from the state of California. The Humboldt County Library — which, by the way, always has very good self-help tax services — has a notice here.

Stay strong, everyone.