If you’ve strolled along the Eureka waterfront trail much over the past few summers, chances are you’ve come across “Chalk Talk,” a series of essays written in chalk on the surface of the trail, the letters in all caps, the words spaced roughly one step apart.

Reading Chalk Talk requires you to walk forward with your head down. As you do so, the words unspool from background to foreground, like an inverted version of the “crawl” sequences at the start of each Star Wars film.

The author, whose real identity is unknown to us at the Outpost, goes by K.P. Smile, and their temporary word installations address matters pertaining to our local homeless residents.

K.P. Smile describes their creation as “a talk radio show that plays out right here on the waterfront trail,” and the latest installment — listed as Season 4, episode 1 — recently appeared on the pathway, its full message stretching for nearly a mile. (It begins at the intersection of First and C streets and continues southwest almost to Schmidbauer Building Supply.

The latest episode of Chalk Talk focuses primarily on the potential legal ramifications of privately organized homeless “sweeps.” You can watch the video above to read the whole thing, and as we head into summer, look where you’re stepping: You might come across another edition.