Come this June this building will no longer hold local plays and instead will hold the Humboldt Association of Realtors’ offices | Stephanie McGeary



The Outpost reported a couple of months ago that Redwood Curtain Theatre would be leaving its longtime home at 220 First Street in Eureka, after the previous owner decided to sell the space to an unknown buyer. And since then, you may have been wondering what exciting new thing would be going into the building. 

Well, wonder no more! Because today LoCO learned that the space is being taken over by (drumroll, please)  … the Humboldt Association of Realtors, to be used as the company’s new office space. 

“HAR has found a new home!!!” the organization posted in its newsletter, which came out on May 15. “The Humboldt Association of Realtors Board of Directors are very excited to announce that our Facility Committee has been hard at work and has found a new location for the HAR office! We are in escrow and plan to take over our new building June 30, 2023. The address is 220 1st St, Eureka, CA 95501.” 

The newsletter goes on to say that the space will be undergoing a remodel, which could take up to a year, so HAR won’t be able to move in right away. But the board seems thrilled for what will likely be a bit of an upgrade from HAR’s current office space at 527 W. Wabash. 

And if it’s not exciting to you that the building that held a small, community theater for more than 15 years will become a space for supporting the real estate industry, then perhaps you will have more interest in HAR’s old space going up for sale, which the letter says will be listed in June. 

“If you have any viable buyers, please let us know!” the letter says. “The HAR staff will temporarily relocate to an interim work space while we work to remodel the new facility.”