SPZF accomplishments.

Press release from the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation:

The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation (SPZF) is a 501(c)(3) established in 2004 and is the philanthropic, nonprofit partner that has proudly supported the City of Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo for over 20 years. In two decades SPZF cultivated over 26,000 donors and innovative partnerships, and inspired collaborative community engagement through fundraising, promotions and events. SPZF has raised nearly $15 million since its inception and has been successful in securing and organizing funding for many capital projects to enhance the zoo experience including:

  • 2004: Barnyard and Contact Corral
  • 2005: The Arkley Pavillion
  • 2007: Bill’s Garden
  • 2008: Hilfiker Aviary Renovation
  • 2010: The Red Panda and Muntjak Habitat
  • 2011: Flamingos, Cavies, and Screamers Habitats
  • 2014: Watershed Heroes Project
  • 2016: McClean Raptor Aviary
  • 2017: Lamoree Learning Lab
  • 2019: Vintage Snack Cart Renovation
  • 2020: The Redwood Sky Walk
  • 2022/23: The Bear and Coyote Habitat

It is with a heavy heart that the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation announces the end of an era in its decision to dissolve the organization in the coming months.

Over the last several years, the Sequoia Park Zoo has grown and changed to become the premier community and tourist destination SPZF intended when the organization formed as the philanthropic partner to the City of Eureka. With the launch of world-class interpretive experiences such as the Watershed Heroes Project, the Redwood Sky Walk and the new Bear and Coyote Habitat, the zoo has seen —and continues to see— record attendance with visitors from all over the world. The City of Eureka reports over $2.6 million in zoo revenue in 2023 alone. It is this positive and successful growth and development of our neighborhood zoo nestled in the redwoods that has piqued interest from the City of Eureka to assume greater responsibility for ongoing fundraising, membership, promotions, marketing and events at the zoo. SPZF has decided to gracefully pass the baton.

Over the coming months, SPZF will map out the strategic sunsetting of the organization by drafting its plan for dissolution, articulating how remaining assets will be distributed and specifying how remaining liabilities will be addressed. SPZF is committed to ensuring that our community’s generous donations are directed toward the projects for which those funds were given. You may follow updates regarding the dissolution process at www.spzfoundation.org and in SPZF’s eChatter Newsletter.

The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation’s impact at Sequoia Park Zoo was and continues to be the successful legacy of all of our esteemed stakeholders, community leaders, partners, donors, board members, patrons and volunteers. It has been a privilege to support the zoo in becoming the international attraction it is today, working alongside those devoting time, talent, and funds over two decades.