Photo: Andrew Goff.



Press release from the Eureka Police Officers Association, the bargaining union representing Eureka cops:

Eureka Police Department along with the Eureka Police Department Administrative staff, City Manager, City Council and other City Hall Administrative staff have been working in partnership to address staffing needs. Ultimately, the needs of the Citizens of Eureka are, and always have been, at the forefront of every EPD employee.

To that end, the EPOA and the City of Eureka underwent contract negotiations during the months of January and February. During these negotiations, it was apparent that the City Council, City Manager and other City Hall Administrative staff support and value EPD personnel and the critical public safety services that we provide to the community. At the conclusion of the negotiation process, an agreement was made on a favorable contract that should not only help with recruiting qualified officers, but also in supporting current officers and professional staff. This year’s negotiation process made it clear that there is a positive working relationship between the EPOA and City of Eureka Administration, and we look forward to this continued partnership.

With that being said, the Eureka Police Department is continuing to work relentlessly each and every day. The mission of the Eureka Police Department continues to be providing the City of Eureka with the best service possible, which every citizen deserves.

The EPOA continues to call upon our community to actively support our efforts to increase the number of Police Officers to a fully operational level at the Eureka Police Department. The EPOA would like to thank everyone who supports the Eureka Police Department, and would also like to urge anyone who is considering a career in public safety, to please join our ranks!