While the recent visit from Hollywood royalty including director Paul Thomas Anderson and mega-star Leonardo DiCaprio caused quite a stir here in Humboldt, a feature film production from about a year ago came and went with hardly anyone noticing – though the staff at Annie’s Cambodian in Eureka enjoyed a visit from Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg.

Expect the buzz to increase now that the movie trailer for “Sasquatch Sunset” has arrived. 

The film, from indie directors David and Nathan Zellner, has been described as a “gross, hilarious and dementedly poignant” movie that follows a family of Sasquatches (played in full-body costumes and makeup by Eisenberg, Riley Keough, Nathan Zellner and Christophe Zacaj-Denek).

The first trailer, above, gives LoCO some “Swiss Army Man” vibes, the misty redwood forests providing a backdrop for ample whimsy and crude body humor. 

The movie covers a year in the reclusive life of one Bigfoot family. It premiered last month at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival to largely positive reviews, with IndieWire‘s Kate Erbland writing:

For audiences willing to vibe with a film that feature big stars (unrecognizable), a slowly unfolding plot (with much to discover in its quieter moments), and a truly devastating sequence we will not spoil here, “Sasquatch Sunset” offers many rewards.

“Sasquatch Sunset” is scheduled for a limited theatrical release on April 12 before going wide the following week – which probably means we’ll get it in local theaters sometime in May or June, if past precedent holds. 

For now, enjoy the trailer!