Photo: Andrew Goff.

It’s been cold as hell the last few nights and there’s more rain coming soon. That means the Eureka Rescue Mission has been very busy.

Yesterday, the Mission’s operation manager put out a call on social media, in the Humboldt County On Alert Facebook group. He wrote:

We are in need of essential items like brown rice, white rice, pinto beans, macaroni, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, bologna, ham, turkey, and black tea. Your donations, big or small, make a significant impact. If you’re able to contribute, please drop off items at the Eureka Rescue Mission at 110 2nd St in Old Town.

Reached this morning, the Rescue Mission’s executive director, Bryan Hall, confirmed that they’ve been putting up a lot of people lately, and while they’re not yet in crisis mode as far as the state of their pantry is concerned, some donations of the items mentioned would be very helpful right now, especially with the mission housing 50 women and children and up to 80 men a night.

“It’s not that we’re desperate right now, but we always have a need,” Hall said.

Got some rice or beans or pasta or dairy or eggs or lunchmeat you can part with? Hall said that you can drive them up to the Rescue Mission — 100 Second Street — anytime. There’ll be people there to help you unload, if you like.

Also, of course, the Mission is more than happy to take any monetary donation you might have to offer. There’s a handy donation link on their website. Also, you can phone the Mission’s main line — (707) 445-3787 — and ask for Carol. She’ll help you help them in any way you like.