Damn. Still closed. | Photo: Stephanie McGeary


Well, it’s Tuesday.

And that usually doesn’t mean much. But this Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, was supposed to be THE Tuesday, the Tuesday when the famed Little Caesar’s in Fortuna was going to finally open its doors. 

But alas, the Friendly City will have no Crazy Bread™ today. As some of you Little Caesar’s die-hards have surely already noticed, the chain pizzeria at 898 Main Street in Fortuna, is still not open, though your Lost Coast Outpost had told you that today would be the day. We deeply apologize for misleading the, no doubt, hundreds of people who flocked to the location today for shockingly low-priced pizza and sides. 

In case you’re in the dark about why we at the Outpost are making such a big deal about the Fortuna Little Caesar’s, here’s a little background: The Little’s Caesar’s was built more than two years ago, prompting some people to naturally ponder when it would open and start serving those Hot-N-Ready™ pizzas. The location did open briefly a little more than a year ago, but quickly shuttered again, leaving the community puzzled. The question of “when will the Fortuna Little Caesar’s open?” has since become a running joke within the online community and even prompted the start of a Facebook group “Fortuna Little Caesar’s ‘when will they open’.” 

So the Outpost sought answers, eventually getting in touch with the business’s new owner, Gurbrinder Sandhu, who said that the plan was to open the location on Tuesday, Jan. 9. Of course, unforeseen circumstances can cause plans to change, and now Sandu said he’s not entirely sure how soon the restaurant can open. 

“Due to some pending legal documents issues, we couldn’t open the store today,” Sandhu wrote to the Outpost. “But [I] will let you know in advance for the possible opening date.” 

Sandhu added that he has everything else he needs to open up the spot, including obtaining all the necessary permits and passing inspections. He just needs the previous owner to complete the document before everything can be final. As Sandhu mentioned in a previous article, the old owners are going through some family difficulties, and have been difficult to pin down. 

It’s a little deflating, we know. But, because this ongoing story is so very important, the Outpost will keep the pizza-hungry community posted on any new developments. In the meantime, you can grab some local pizza, and continue to speculate and share lore on social media, which is clearly the best part about this whole story anyway. 

“It’s really depressing that they’re not open yet still,” Kyle Holberg, founder and administrator of the “Fortuna Little Caesar’s ‘when will they open’” Facebook group told the Outpost. “But really I’m in it for the jokes and [I’m] glad I live in a community with a sense of humor.”