Can you explain this scene to tourists? You might qualify! File photo: Andrew Goff

Press release from the City of Eureka:

Uplift Eureka announces the launch of the Old Town Stewards Volunteer Program, inviting passionate individuals to join as community ambassadors in Eureka’s historic Old Town neighborhood this summer.

Modeled after successful ambassador programs in other cities, Volunteer Stewards will play a pivotal role in fostering goodwill and hospitality, offering guidance on local resources, and assisting both residents and visitors alike.

Volunteer Stewards will engage in various activities including greeting community members and visitors, providing directions and recommendations, collaborating with local businesses, and participating in beautification projects such as landscaping and litter cleanup. They will also connect residents with essential local resources and spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing the Old Town community.

Beyond its immediate impact on Old Town, the program offers a platform for residents, businesses, community groups, and social service providers to collaborate with the city on neighborhood-level issues.

To learn more about becoming an Old Town Steward and to express interest, visit this link or contact