Laurie Richmond and Maurice Viand discuss frequent high tide flooding in Fields Landing. Photo: Jen Kalt.

In the third episode of Humboldt Waterkeeper’s special series on communities at risk from sea level rise, we hear from long-time residents and relative newcomers who share their thoughts and concerns about sea level rise.

We are also joined by Laurie Richmond of the Cal Poly Humboldt Sea Level Rise Institute, which is a network of academics, tribes, government agencies, NGOs, private consultants, and civic and community groups working to envision the future of our region. How will we adapt to increased flooding and rising groundwater in low-lying areas? Whether we decide to protect certain areas, relocate critical facilities, or figure out how to live with rising water levels, major changes are on the horizon. The good news is that we have time to plan, and a lot of people are thinking deeply about these issues.

Many thanks to Hilanea Wilkinson, Maurice Viand, Lia Stoffers, Weeramon Sudkrathok (“Cake”), Laurie Richmond and to Jessie Eden, who produced this episode with funding provided by the California Coastal Commission Whale Tail Grant Program. For more info: