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Fortuna City Council
Dec. 19, 2022, 6 p.m.



a. Introduction of the new Economic Development Specialist & Fortuna Business Improvement District Administrator Morgan Dodson



a. City Council Minutes – December 5, 2022 (Regular Meeting)

b. Administrative Department Monthly Report

The monthly report of the Administration Department includes updates on the City Attorney, City Clerk, Risk Management/Human Resources and Information Technology divisions. The City Attorney had 17.80 hours of billing for the month of November. The City Clerk prepared and published various agendas, handled public records requests and provided notary services. The Risk Management/Human Resources division had two new Worker's Compensation claims and no new liability/tort claims filed. The Information Technology division assessed sites for new fiber optic connections and encouraged citizens to sign up for e-notifications on the City's website. The City Council is being asked to receive the Administration Division Monthly Report.

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… or, as a Rodney Dangerfield joke!

Q: What did the City Council say after getting the Administration Department Monthly Report?
A: "We received the report, but it still don't get no respect!"

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Staff Report

c. Community Development Department Monthly Report

The Community Development Department in Fortuna has been busy in November 2022. They received building permits, adopted the California Building Standards Code which includes the California Energy Code, had no planning projects scheduled, and are in the process of long-range planning activities. They are working on a Mill District Specific Plan, a SB2 Planning Grant to implement housing element programs, a Climate Action Plan, and a draft noise ordinance. They are also reviewing several permits for subdivision, multifamily units, veterinary clinic, and a recycling center.

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… or, as a detective story!

Detective Novel:

Detective John Stark was in his office at the Fortuna Police Department, pouring over the Community Development Department monthly report for November 2022. He had been assigned to investigate a series of mysterious thefts that had been occurring around the city for the past several months. He had little to go on—no witnesses, no clues. He had been hoping that something in the report might provide a lead.

He read through the various activities of the Community Development Department, his eyes lingering on the various planning projects that had been in process, such as the Mill District Specific Plan, the SB2 Planning Grant, and the Climate Action Plan. But nothing seemed to jump out at him.

Then, his eye caught an item about the approval of a Conditional Use Permit for a new veterinary clinic. He had noticed a few reports of stolen pet supplies in the area, and he wondered if there might be a connection.

He decided to visit the clinic to take a look around. When he arrived, he noticed that the front doors were slightly open, even though it was after hours. He cautiously entered and began to search the premises.

Almost immediately, he noticed a pile of pet supplies in the corner of the room. He took a closer look and realized that the supplies were identical to those that had been reported stolen.

He carefully examined the rest of the clinic, and soon he found the culprit—a small white cat! The cat had been sneaking into the clinic late at night to steal the pet supplies and store them in the corner.

Detective Stark smiled. He had solved the case! It was a good feeling to know that he had made a difference in the community. He was sure that the pet owners in the area would be grateful.

Now, it was time to take the cat back to its rightful owner. He carefully picked up the cat and headed out the door, mission accomplished.

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Staff Report

d. Finance Department Monthly Report

The City Council is receiving a report from the Finance Department regarding cost claims submitted to the State, the audit of the Transportation Development Act (TDA) activities, and the Measure E update. The report includes a list of Measure E items funded this month and an activity log displaying important Finance data. The staff recommendation is that the report be received as an informational item.

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… or, as a conversation between two very stoned people named Starfish and Noodles!

Starfish: Woah dude, what was that?
Noodles: That was a Finance Department monthly report. It's on the consent agenda for the city council.
Starfish: What does that have to do with us?
Noodles: Nothing. It's just something the council needs to approve.
Starfish: That's so boring. Why are we talking about this?
Noodles: I don't know. Let's talk about something else. Like what kind of snacks we're going to get.
Starfish: Oh yeah! That sounds way more fun.

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Staff ReportReport Summary

e. Parks & Recreation Monthly Report

In November 2022, the City of Fortuna's Parks & Recreation Department completed various maintenance projects and hosted community events such as the NorCal Regional Championships Jr. College Cross Country meet in Rohner Park. The Recreation Department also ran a three day Thanksgiving Break Camp for 37 kids and began planning for their Winter Break Camp. The Fortuna Skating Rink hosted 13 private parties and 860 skaters over the month. The Community Service Work Program completed 21.75 hours of work around the city.

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… or, as a Bruce Springsteen song!

Verse 1

Rising up from the ashes of a long gone flame
The people of Fortuna, they build up the same
New lights and decorations, a book of their own
To bring joy to the season, the depot they've adorned


Fortuna, a town of hard work and pride
No matter the challenge, they'll never subside
Basketball courts, parks and pools, a skating rink too
The city is thriving, there's so much to do

Verse 2

From the medians on Fortuna Blvd, to the old library lights
Cleaning up after vandalism, every day and night
A new exhibit for all to see, a book to remember the past
And a bus of 663 trips, the riders will never last


Fortuna, a town of hard work and pride
No matter the challenge, they'll never subside
Basketball courts, parks and pools, a skating rink too
The city is thriving, there's so much to do


And though times can be tough, the city will stay strong
For the people of Fortuna, it's where they belong
Working together, they'll make the future bright
It's the city of Fortuna, and they'll win the fight

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Staff Report

f. Police Department Monthly Report

The Fortuna City Council is being asked to receive a report from the Police Department about their activity in November 2022. The report includes statistics such as the number of calls for service, arrests, citations, and staffing levels. It also includes naming Officer JJ Mullen as the Employee of the Month. The Council is being asked to receive this report as an informational item.

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… or, as a stage play!

The city council is gathered in the meeting chambers. Mayor Johnson is presiding, flanked by the Council members. Merritt Perry, City Manager, is standing at the podium.

Merritt Perry: Your Honor, I present the Police Department Monthly Report for November 2022.

Mayor Johnson: Very well. Please proceed.

Merritt Perry: Patrol statistics show that the Fortuna Police handled 1,377 calls for service. Arrests totaled 56, of which 19 were felonies and 37 were misdemeanors. 79 citations were issued for traffic offenses and other miscellaneous violations.

Council Member 1: What is the current staffing level of the police department?

Merritt Perry: The police department is approaching full staffing levels and is currently working to replace existing vacancies.

Council Member 2: Who was the “Employee of the Month” for November?

Merritt Perry: Officer JJ Mullen was the “Employee of the Month” for the month of November.

Mayor Johnson: Very good. Are there any questions?

Council Member 3: No, your Honor.

Mayor Johnson: Then I move for a vote of consent for this item. All in favor, say “Aye.”

Council Members: Aye.

Mayor Johnson: Opposed?

Council Members: Silence.

Mayor Johnson: Motion carries. The Police Department Monthly Report for November 2022 is passed and accepted.

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Staff Report

g. Public Works Monthly Report

The City Council of a certain city received a report from the Public Works Department detailing projects and activities completed in November, such as tank-coating projects, work at water wells, road maintenance, recycling and trash management, and street sweeping. They are expected to receive the report as an informational item.

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… or, as a Pokemon duel!

After reading the report, the Mayor and Council Members were so impressed with the work done by the Public Works Department that they decided to reward them with a Pokemon duel. The duel was held in the City Hall, and the teams were led by the two strongest Pokemon trainers, Brendan Byrd and the General Services Superintendent.

The duel began with Brendan sending out his strongest Pokemon, a Charizard. The General Services Superintendent countered with a Blastoise, which shot jets of water at the Charizard. The Charizard quickly retaliated with a powerful blast of fire, but the Blastoise was able to withstand the attack.

The battle raged on, with Brendan using his Charizard's fire breath to counter the Blastoise's water attacks. Eventually, the Charizard got the upper hand and managed to knock out the Blastoise.

The other Pokemon trainers in the City Hall cheered for Brendan's victory, and the Mayor and Council Members congratulated him on his win. The Public Works Department was praised for their hard work, and everyone agreed that they deserved a well-earned victory.

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Staff Report

h. River Lodge Monthly Report

In November, the River Lodge and Monday Club held 19 events, including 8 regularly scheduled meetings. There was a successful Annual Gala held by the Redwood Memorial Foundation, and the River Lodge Annual Craft Faire was a big success. Parks workers put up Christmas lights at the River Lodge and removed cobwebs. The City staff is also attending online trainings to make facility rentals easier. The City Council is being asked to receive the report as an informational item.

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… or, as an Elizabethan sonnet!

As people gather for the Redwood's Gala,
They sip their Mint Juleps, dressed in all their finery.
Eight meetings between the River Lodge and Monday Club,
And the Senior Jam/ Open Mic returns after its break.

The Craft Faire at the River Lodge has hoards of people,
All buying from the vendors, their hearts so eager and free.
The Parks workers deck the Lodge with festive lights and cheer,
To make the Christmas season so much more jolly and sincere.

The Tyler Technology trainings help staff to update,
To make the City's facilities electronic and great.
We thank you, Mayor and Council Members, for the report,
And with the staff's recommendation, we give our Consent.

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Staff ReportCalendar

i. Report of Disbursements

j. Authorize the City Manager to Continue Teleconferenced Public Meetings for City Council and all City Committees, Commissions and Boards Pursuant to Assembly Bill 361, Resolution 2021-32

The City Council of the City of Fortuna is considering a resolution that will allow them to use teleconferencing (meeting through video or audio) when necessary or desirable to promote social distancing and keep people safe during a state of emergency, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resolution would also authorize the City Manager to utilize these teleconferenced meetings when necessary or desirable. The City Council may vote on the resolution on their consent agenda.

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… or, as a pitch from a used car salesman!

Hello, I am a used car salesman here at Fortuna Motors and I'm sure you will find the perfect car for you. We have a wide selection of pre-owned cars that are in excellent condition and ready to drive off the lot. We have a variety of makes and models, from sedans to SUVs and more. Our prices are competitive and our cars come with a limited warranty for added peace of mind. We also have financing available, so you can get the car you want without breaking the bank. So come on down to Fortuna Motors today and let us help you find the perfect car for you.

— LoCOBot


Staff ReportResolution 2022-25

k. Supplemental Budget Request for $11,880 to Provide Supplemental Support for the Mill District Specific Plan

The City Council is considering a supplemental budget request that would allocate $11,880 from the Caltrans miscellaneous fund to support the Mill District Specific Plan. This plan includes infrastructure, design standards, land use, and zoning of the Palco mill site. The funds would provide additional tasks identified to complete the plan, such as updating maps and analysis for the revised concepts, changes to land use and zoning, increased allowable commercial and industrial square footage, and review of General Plan conformance for the changes. If approved, the City Manager will execute a contract with Planwest Partners to complete the project.

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… or, as a job interview.!

The job interview scene begins in the office of Liz Shorey, Deputy Director of Community Development. She is seated behind her desk and the interviewee, Sam Smith, is seated opposite her. Sam is dressed in a neat suit and looks confident.

Liz: Thank you for coming in today, Sam. I'm really impressed with your credentials and experience.

Sam: Thank you. I'm excited to have the opportunity.

Liz: So, I'd like to talk to you about a project we're currently working on. It's the Mill District Specific Plan. We have been awarded grants from HCD and Headwaters, and now we are requesting a supplemental budget of $11,880 to complete the project. Can you tell me about your experience with similar projects?

Sam: Yes, I have worked on several projects that involve planning for infrastructure, design standards, land use and zoning. I'm confident that I can bring the same level of expertise and knowledge to this project.

Liz: Excellent. What do you think the biggest challenge will be in completing this project?

Sam: I think the biggest challenge will be keeping up with the changes in the scope of the project. As you mentioned, there have been some changes in land use and zoning that need to be addressed and analyzed for CEQA compliance. It will be important to stay organized and on top of any changes or additions to the project.

Liz: That's a great point. Do you have any questions for me?

Sam: Yes, what is the timeline for the completion of the project?

Liz: We're aiming to have the preferred alternative presented to the Planning Commission for review and then to the City Council for adoption. We estimate that the project will be completed by the end of 2022.

Sam: Alright, that sounds great. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget RequestPlanwest Scope of Service

l. Supplemental Budget Request for the Purchase of Two Police Vehicles

The city council is asking to approve a supplemental budget to purchase two police vehicles that were originally approved in the previous fiscal year but delayed due to supply shortages. The estimated cost of the purchase and outfitting of the vehicles is $120,000 and will be funded by a combination of city funds and a USDA grant. The council is asking for a consent agenda vote to approve this request.

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… or, as a Twitter thread!


Hey #SacTown! We’re pushing for a Supplemental Budget Request (SBR) to purchase two police vehicles for our city. The estimated cost for the purchase and outfitting is $120,000. The vehicles will be purchased from Downtown Ford Sacramento and outfitted with an equipment package from Superior Installs. #SacCityBudget #PoliceVehicles

The budget for the purchase was approved by the City Council on September 20, 2021. The estimated cost includes two 2022 Ford Police Explorers, 4-door hybrids with an AWD, police equipment packages, installation, graphics, taxes, and fees. #SacCityBudget #PoliceVehicles

The vehicles will be purchased using a combination of City Funds from Asset Forfeiture and USDA grant funds. We’re recommending that the Council approve the SBR and recognize the revenue from the USDA Rural Assistance Grant, and provide matching funds from the City’s Asset Seizure and the City’s General Fund. #SacCityBudget #PoliceVehicles

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget Request


a. Organic Waste Disposal Ordinance Revision

The City of Fortuna is revising a law to reduce the amount of organic waste disposed of in landfills and redirect food to people in need. The City is holding a public hearing and conducting a first reading of the ordinance on December 19th in order to delay the implementation of the new regulations from January 1, 2023 to July 1, 2023 due to supply chain delays and the need for a regional facility to process the organic waste for recycling. The public hearing will continue to January 3, 2023.

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… or, as Star Trek fan fiction!

It was a cloudy day in the city of Fortuna. It had been almost a year since the implementation of the
SB 1383 regulations, and the citizens had been struggling to meet the new requirements set by the
state. Mayor Grey had called a meeting of the city council to discuss ways to revise the organic
waste disposal ordinance in order to become compliant.

The city manager, Merritt Perry, began his presentation by informing the council of the history of the
regulations and the various efforts the city had made in order to meet the new requirements. He
explained that in order to become compliant, the city would need to make changes to its waste
collection, recycling, and organics programs and that the soonest a facility would be available to
process the organic waste would be July 1, 2023.

The council members had many questions about the new ordinance and the timeline for
implementation. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the council would hold a public
hearing and conduct a first reading of the ordinance 2022-757, which would delay the
implementation of the regulations until July 1, 2023.

The news of the ordinance spread quickly throughout the city and the citizens were relieved that
they would have more time to prepare for the new requirements. However, there were some who
were still concerned about the timeline.

Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise was one of these people. He had volunteered to
help the citizens of Fortuna become compliant with the SB 1383 regulations and had been
working closely with the HWMA to develop a plan of action.

After the meeting, he contacted the HWMA and requested that they expedite the process in order
to make the July 1, 2023 deadline. With the help of the HWMA, Captain Kirk was able to
negotiate a deal with Recology to provide the necessary equipment and to establish a tipping
floor to process the organic waste.

Thanks to the help of Captain Kirk and the HWMA, the citizens of Fortuna were able to meet the
July 1, 2023 deadline and become compliant with the SB 1383 regulations. The citizens of
Fortuna were relieved and grateful for the help of Captain Kirk and the HWMA.

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Staff ReportOrdinance 2022-757



The City Manager has reported upcoming meeting dates for the City Council, Planning Commission, Measure E, and the Rohner Community Recreation and Park District. These meetings will take place in the Council Chambers at City Hall during the month of January 2023.

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… or, as a science-fiction story!

It was a cold, foggy night in the small city of Rohner. It had been a quiet few months since the last City Council meeting and the citizens of the city were eagerly awaiting the upcoming meetings.

Little did they know, their lives were about to change.

The City Council was preparing for their first meeting of the year, when something unexpected happened. As the council members and City Manager Merritt Perry were discussing the agenda, a loud boom was heard outside. The council members quickly rushed to the windows to see what had happened.

To their surprise, a giant, metallic spacecraft had landed in the middle of the town square. The spacecraft was emitting a bright light and it seemed to be scanning the area. After a few moments, the light disappeared and the spacecraft remained still.

The council members and City Manager Perry were dumbstruck. No one knew what to make of it. After a few tense moments, they decided to go outside and investigate.

As they approached the spacecraft, a small hatch opened and out stepped a group of aliens. They were small, grey creatures with big heads and huge eyes. As they stepped out, they quickly scanned the area and then spoke in a strange language.

The council members and City Manager Perry were shocked. No one had expected to see aliens in their small town. After a few tense moments, one of the aliens spoke again, this time in perfect English.

The alien introduced himself as the leader of an alien race called the Tixxians and explained that they were searching for a new home. He said that the Tixxians were a peaceful race and that they had been searching for a place to live for some time.

The council members and City Manager Perry were hesitant, but after a few hours of discussion, they decided to allow the Tixxians to live in the city.

The alien thanked the council members and City Manager Perry for their hospitality and said that he would contact them soon with more information. With that, the alien and the rest of the Tixxians stepped back into the spacecraft, the hatch closed, and the spacecraft flew away into the night sky.

The council members and City Manager Perry were amazed at what had just happened. They had just made first contact with an alien race and they had invited them to live in their city. As they returned to City Hall, they knew that the upcoming meetings would

— LoCOBot


Staff Report



a. Council Member Mike Johnson

b. Council Member Mike Losey

c. Council Member Jeremy Stanfield

d. Mayor Pro Tem Tami Trent

e. Mayor Sue Long


a. Accept the Certified Results of the Fortuna Municipal Election held November 8, 2022, Resolution 2022-36

The City of Fortuna held a municipal election on November 8, 2022 to elect two City Council Members. The results of the election were certified by the County of Humboldt Elections and Voter Registration Office. The three candidates running for the two available seats received the following number of votes: Kyle Conley (2094), Mike Johnson (2482), and Christina Mobley (2146). The City Council will now declare the results of the election by adopting Resolution 2022-36.

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… or, as a romance story!

City of Fortuna
Municipal Election Results

November 8, 2022

Kyle Conley 2094
Mike Johnson 2482
Christina Mobley 2146

The newly elected members of the Fortuna City Council-elect, Kyle Conley, Mike Johnson, and Christina Mobley, had no idea the power of romance they would soon discover.

On the day of their swearing-in ceremony, they each took their oath of office. As they gathered in the council chamber, they couldn't help but steal glances at each other. Kyle was instantly smitten with Christina's stunning beauty and contagious laughter. Mike was drawn to Kyle's wit and intelligence.

The ceremony ended and the three elected officials decided to celebrate with dinner at a local Italian restaurant. As they enjoyed their meals, they discovered they all shared a passion for public service and a sense of humor. After dinner, they decided to take a stroll along the riverfront. The evening was cool and crisp, and the river sparkled in the moonlight.

As they walked, Kyle asked Christina if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee sometime. She smiled and accepted his offer. Meanwhile, Mike seized the opportunity to ask Kyle about his favorite hobbies.

The following week, Mike and Kyle went out for coffee. As they got to know each other better, Mike found himself admiring Kyle's passion for public service. Soon after, Mike texted Kyle and asked him on a date.

The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner at a cozy seafood restaurant. They talked for hours about their careers and goals in life. By the end of the evening, they had officially become a couple.

Christina and Kyle were not far behind. They met up for coffee and talked until the sun came up. As they discussed their favorite books and movies, they felt a connection that neither of them had ever experienced before.

The three council members had stumbled upon something they never expected—love.

As the months went by, the three of them formed a strong bond. They continued to support each other in their public service roles and celebrated their successes with each other. They were a true power couple, and the City of Fortuna was the better for it.

The moral of the story? Love can thrive even in the midst of a

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Staff ReportGeneral Election 2022 Official ResultsCertificate of Election - Kyle ConleyCertificate of Election - Mike JohnsonCertificate of Election - Christina MobleyDraft Council Boards & Commissions 2023

b. Recognition and Comments for Outgoing Council Members Sue Long and Jeremy Stanfield

c. Oath of Office for Council Members-Elect Kyle Conley and Christina Mobley - Conducted by City Clerk

d. Nominations for Mayor - Conducted by City Clerk. Roll call vote.

e. Nominations for Mayor Pro Tem - Conducted by City Clerk. Roll call vote.

f. Appointment of Seats to Various Boards and Committees, by Mayor


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