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Fortuna City Council
Feb. 6, 2023, 6 p.m.



a. Fiscal Year 2022/23 Mid-Year Budget Review Presentation by Finance Director Aaron Felmlee

The Finance Department has conducted a mid-year budget review for Fiscal Year 2022-23. The review involves looking at the first half of the fiscal year (July 2022-December 2022) and making projections for the rest of the year. The review also looked at the prior year’s budget and found that there was a net surplus of $936,962. This was due to increases in recurring revenues, such as sales tax, property tax, and transient occupancy tax. During the mid-year review, staff reviewed every line item of each activity for FY 2022-23 and estimated additional costs of $59,190 in the General Fund. Sales tax has started to decrease, but is estimated to come in right at what was budgeted. Transient Occupancy Tax is estimated to exceed budget by $50,000. The City also received a second and final American Rescue Plan Act funds distribution of $1,466,306 in July. Staff is not recommending any budget adjustments to the current adopted budget, but any proposed supplemental budget adjustments will come before the City Council for approval.

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… or, as a corrido!


En el año de mil novecientos veintitrés
Se reunió el Concejo para ver el presupuesto
Y el Sr. Felmlee presentó un informe
De cifras y datos para el buen gobierno

La ciudad recibió fondos de la ley de rescate
Y superó el presupuesto con el impuesto de hospedaje
Pero el impuesto sobre ventas bajó
Y el Sr. Felmlee ofreció su consejo

El Concejo escuchó y decidió
Que el presupuesto no se tendría que ajustar
Y todos se pusieron de acuerdo
Para mejorar el bienestar de la ciudad

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Staff ReportMid-Year Budget Review



a. City Council Minutes – January 17, 2023 (Regular Meeting)

b. Report of Disbursements

c. Ratifying the Fortuna Fire Protection Districts Ordinance 2022/2023-1

The City of Fortuna is ratifying the Fortuna Fire Protection District’s Ordinance No. 2022/2023-1, which adopts the 2022 California Fire Code and the 2021 International Fire Code to create regulations to help protect life and property from fire and explosion. The City Council must approve the ordinance in order for it to take effect. The City Council will be voting on Resolution 2023-02, which will ratify the Fire Protection District’s action.

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… or, as a fantasy story!

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Fortuna, the City Council had an important decision to make. A decision that would have far-reaching implications for the safety and security of its citizens.

The Fire Protection District had adopted a new Fire Code, based on the International Fire Code, and now it needed the City Council to ratify the ordinance before it could be put into effect.

The Mayor and Council members listened intently to the Deputy Director of Community Development as she laid out the facts and findings that supported the adoption of the Fire Code. After a thoughtful discussion, the Council was unanimous in its decision to ratify the ordinance.

The citizens of Fortuna were relieved to know that their city was now safer from fire and other disasters due to the adoption of the Fire Code. The City Manager, Merritt Perry, was especially pleased with the outcome and congratulated the City Council on their wise decision.

The Fire Protection District was also pleased with the ratification and began to immediately implement the Fire Code. Firefighters and inspectors worked hard to ensure that all buildings and structures were compliant with the new regulations.

The citizens of Fortuna had much to celebrate. Thanks to the City Council, they could rest easy knowing that their city was now even better protected from the dangers of fire.

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Staff ReportExhibit BExhibit C

d. Supplemental Budget Request for Demolition of Monday Club Chimney

A 6.4 earthquake struck Fortuna and Humboldt County in December 2023, resulting in the chimney of the Monday Club being deemed hazardous and needing to be demolished. The cost of demolition is $4,666, but the Monday Club only has a Building Maintenance and Repairs budget of $2,150. City staff is requesting an additional $3,500 to cover the demolition cost, and leave some money remaining for other potential costs this fiscal year. If approved, the additional money will come from General Fund reserves.

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… or, as a movie trailer!

When disaster strikes, there is no time to waste. After a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the city of Fortuna and Humboldt County, the Monday Club Chimney was left in danger. The Building Department declared the chimney a hazard and it needed to be demolished immediately.

[Cuts to City Council Meeting]

We need to approve a supplemental budget request to pay for the demolition of the Monday Club chimney due to hazardous conditions.

[Cuts to Wendt Construction]

[Worker #1]
We can do it, but it will cost more than the Monday Club’s Building Maintenance and Repairs annual expense budget of $2,150.

[Cuts to City Council Meeting]

[Council Member]
We need to add $3,500 to the Monday Club’s budget to cover the cost of demolition and leave some remaining for any other potential costs that may arise this fiscal year.

[Cuts to Wendt Construction]

[Worker #2]
We’ll get the job done quickly and safely, but time is of the essence.

[Cuts to Mayor]

Approve the supplemental budget request.

[Cuts to Worker #1]

[Worker #1]
Let’s get to work.

[Trailer Announcer]
This February, the Monday Club Chimney will be put to the test. Will it survive?

[Cue Music]

[Trailer Announcer]
Find out in the upcoming drama, Monday Club - The Final Showdown. Coming to theaters near you.

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget Request

e. Supplemental Budget Request to Recognize Grant Funds for Solar Permitting Software

The City of Fortuna has been awarded $40,000 from the California Automated Permit Processing Program to implement an online automated permitting platform, SolarAPP+, to support local governments with residential solar and solar + storage system permitting. The funds will be used for staff training and to offset subscription costs for the platform’s integration with OpenGov, the City’s existing permitting software. The City Council is being asked to approve the Supplemental Budget Request to use the funds.

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… or, as a chanson!


Allons-y, allons-y, à l’avenir du soleil,
Allons-y, allons-y, pour un avenir meilleur.

Vers le soleil, nous allons,
Le bonheur apportant,
Ce budget nous permet de le faire,
Les gens vont commencer à s’en réjouir.


Le soleil brille, nous nous réjouirons,
Nous allons le voir plus souvent,
Grâce à cet argent nous le pouvons,
Ce sera un grand moment.


L’automatisation nous aidera,
Les citoyens doivent être satisfaits,
L’avenir est rempli de joie,
Et notre avenir est assuré.


Les gens vont se réjouir,
De ces nouveaux plans,
Nous allons à l’avenir,
Avec plus de soleil dans nos mains.

Refrain (x2)

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Staff ReportGrant AgreementSupplemental Budget Request

f. Amend the City’s Annual Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2022-23 to Provide for Amended Rental Rates for the Use of the River Lodge and Monday Club. Resolution 2023-03

The city of Fortuna is making changes to the River Lodge and Monday Club fee schedule to make it easier for customers to make reservations using a new software product. The changes include a base kitchen fee of $10 and the removal of the setup fee at the Monday Club. These changes were unintentionally left out of the last fee schedule revision. The city council has approved the changes and staff are recommending that the resolution be adopted.

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… or, as a stage play!


[The City Council meeting is in session. Mayor Johnson is presiding, with council members seated around the table. Aaron Felmlee, the Finance Director, and Jennifer Lourenzo, the Conference Center Manager, are standing at the lectern in front of the council. Merritt Perry, the City Manager, is seated in the audience.]

Mayor Johnson: Alright, let’s hear the staff report.

Aaron Felmlee: Yes, Mayor. As you may recall, we’ve been working diligently on implementing a new software product, Tyler Parks and Recreation Program (TPAR), which we will be utilizing to receive payments, reservations, etc. As part of the implementation process, it has become necessary to make changes to the River Lodge and Monday Club’s Fee Schedule in order to provide for a more straightforward and streamlined reservation process within the system.

Jennifer Lourenzo: We’re now requesting two additional changes, Mayor. The first is to the base kitchen fee of $10 and the second is to remove the setup fee at the Monday Club. These were inadvertently left out of the last fee schedule revision.

Mayor Johnson: I assume there won’t be any additional revenue from these changes?

Aaron Felmlee: No, Mayor. These are existing fees that were just overlooked.

Mayor Johnson: Alright. Does anyone have any questions or comments? [The council remains silent.]

Mayor Johnson: Very well. All in favor of adopting Resolution 2023-03? [All council members raise their hands.] Motion carries.

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Staff ReportResolution 2023-03River Lodge & Monday Club Fee Schedule


a. Public Hearing: Second Reading to Consider, Repealing and Replacing Title 15, Building and Construction; Division I, Generally; Chapter 15.10, Building Codes with the 2022 California Building Codes as Mandated by the California Building Standard Commission and Department of Housing and Community Development, Ordinance 2019-741

The City Council of Fortuna is considering an ordinance to adopt the 2022 California Building Codes into the Fortuna Municipal Code. This will replace the existing building codes and make the new codes enforceable. The ordinance will also include amendments granting the Building Official the authority to extend permit deadlines and allow for waivers of certain requirements. The council will receive a staff presentation and then open public comment, before voting on the ordinance.

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… or, as a pitch from a used car salesman!

With the adoption of the 2022 California Building Codes, the City of Fortuna is now equipped with the latest in building standards and safety protocols. These codes will ensure that your projects are safe and secure, while providing you with the peace of mind that your investments are protected. As a used car salesman, I’m proud to offer you the best in quality and safety. So come on down to our dealership and experience the quality and safety of the 2022 California Building Codes today!

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Staff Report

b. 1. Public Hearing: Consider Approving the Substitution of a Subcontractor for the Apparent Low Bidder on the Police Facility Project

The City of Fortuna is holding a public hearing to consider approving a request by Sequoia Construction Specialties to substitute a subcontractor for the City’s Police Facility Remodel Project. The City’s PCC Attorney has recommended that the request be approved, and the City Council will decide after the public hearing.

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… or, as a Pokemon duel!

Pokemon Duel:

On February 6th, 2023, a public hearing was held to consider the approval of a subcontractor substitution for the City of Fortuna Police Facility Remodel Project. The City of Fortuna had received three bids, and the apparent low bidder was Sequoia Construction Specialties. During the review of each bid, it was found that two of the subcontractors listed in Sequoia’s bid, Redwood Glass and J&G Lawn and Garden, were not registered with the Department of Industrial Relations.

The City’s PCC Attorney determined that Sequoia Construction Specialties had met the requirements of PCC Section 4107.5, and recommended the City consent to the substitution. However, the second low-bidder, Adams Commercial General Contracting, had filed a bid protest.

The two companies had to resolve the issue with a Pokemon duel. Sequoia Construction Specialties chose Pikachu as their Pokemon, and Adams Commercial General Contracting chose Charmander. The duel began with Pikachu and Charmander staring each other down, ready to battle.

Charmander quickly launched a Flamethrower attack, but Pikachu was ready and countered with Thunder Shock. The shock of electricity sent Charmander flying across the room, but it quickly recovered and tried again with its Ember attack. Pikachu was able to dodge the attack and respond with Iron Tail, defeating Charmander.

Adams Commercial General Contracting conceded, and Sequoia Construction Specialties was declared the winner. The City of Fortuna was satisfied with the duel, and approved the subcontractor substitution. The Police Facility Remodel Project was awarded to Sequoia Construction Specialties.

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Staff ReportAttachment AAttachment BAttachment CAttachment DAttachment E

c. Award of Contract to Sequoia Construction for the Police Facility Remodel Project

A tenth-grade student should be told that the City Council is considering awarding a contract to a construction company to remodel the police facility. The contract would cost $2,920,000 and is estimated to be completed by the end of 2023. The City Council will also be looking into other funding sources to help cover the cost of the project.

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… or, as a bildungsroman!


Nine-year-old Sean was filled with excitement as he watched his father, Brendan Byrd, at the Fortuna City Council meeting. He had heard his father talk about the Police Facility Remodel Project at home, and now he was seeing it in action.

It was February 2023 and Sean was a fifth grader at Fortuna Elementary School. He had always been a bright and curious student, but this project had really captured his attention. He was fascinated by the idea of his father leading a project to help the community.

At the meeting, Sean’s father explained the details of the project, including the bidding process and the selection of the contractor, Sequoia Construction Specialties. Sean was amazed at how much work his father had put into it. He was also impressed by how his father had been able to work with other specialty contractors to get the project done.

As the meeting progressed, Sean was filled with a sense of pride as he watched his father present the project to the City Council. He was surprised when his father asked for a vote to award the contract to Sequoia Construction, and even more surprised when the Council voted unanimously in favor.

Sean was so proud of his father, and he vowed to himself that someday he too would make a difference in his community. He knew his father had worked hard to make this project happen, and he was determined to do the same.

Sean watched as the project progressed over the next year, and he was inspired by his father’s dedication and hard work. He saw how much his father had invested in the project, and he was determined to follow in his footsteps.

When Sean graduated from high school, he enrolled in college to study civil engineering. He worked hard and graduated at the top of his class. He then went on to work for the City of Fortuna in the Public Works Department.

Sean was able to use the knowledge he had gained from his father to help the city with various projects, including the Police Facility Remodel Project. He was eventually promoted to the position of City Engineer, just like his father had been.

Sean was proud of his accomplishments and the difference he was able to make in his community. He was thankful for the guidance and support of his father, and he was determined to continue making a difference in the world.

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget Request

d. Award of Contract & Supplemental Budget Request for Corporation Yard Emergency Generator Project

The City of Fortuna is proposing to award a construction contract to Hooven and Reese Inc. for the Corporation Yard Emergency Generator Project, with a maximum contract amount of $90,000. The project includes a new natural gas generator, a structural concrete pad, and an automatic transfer switch to provide backup power during power outages. The project is funded in part through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, with the remaining funds coming from water and sewer reserve funds. Once awarded, the contract would be executed and the generator ordered, with mobilization and construction expected to begin later this year.

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… or, as a detective story!

Attachment B


The City of Fortuna is requesting a supplemental budget request of $90,000 to fund the Corp
Yard Emergency Generator Project (CIP 9114). The funding sources for this project are shown
in the table below.

City Matching and
USDA Rural Contingency Funds,
Funding Source Development Grant Water and Total Funding
Funding Collections Capital
City Fund Number 500 500 & 550 -
Funding Amount $44,000 $46,000 $90,000

The $44,000 of USDA grant funding will be used to offset the cost of the generator and other
equipment, and the $46,000 of combined water and sewer capital reserve funds will act as the
City’s 45% match for the grant. The remaining $10,000 of City funding will serve as the
construction contingency for the project.

The project is an important safety upgrade for the City’s Public Works operations, and will
ensure that the Corporation Yard is equipped with emergency backup power during times of
power outages.

Respectfully submitted,

Merritt Perry
City Manager

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget Request

e. Supplemental Budget Request for the Purchase of 4 New Patrol Units

The Fortuna City Council is requesting a supplemental budget in the amount of $340,916.68 to purchase four new Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicles from Future Chevrolet Fleet Center in Sacramento, California. The cost for the vehicles will be $240,916.68, and about $100,000 to fully equip the vehicles. This is slightly more than the cost for the previously approved Ford vehicles, but the City was unable to buy Ford vehicles due to supply chain shortages. The remaining $140,800 will be funded from the USDA Community Facilities Grant.

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… or, as a Funkadelic song!

Verse 1:

We need a fleet of four to keep our town safe and sound
It’s time to get new wheels so we can get around
We need to move fast, time is of the essence
Gotta get those Tahoes, no more second-guessin’


Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna keep us safe and sound
Gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground
Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna get us around town
Gonna keep us safe and sound, gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground

Verse 2:

We’re makin’ a move, no time to sit and wait
We got our eyes on the prize, with this sole-source purchase we can’t be late
It’s a hefty budget, but it’s for the greater good
We’ll get those Tahoes, no matter what we should


Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna keep us safe and sound
Gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground
Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna get us around town
Gonna keep us safe and sound, gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground


We’re gonna fill the streets with new cars of the night
Gonna keep us safe, gonna make it all alright
Gonna keep our city safe, no matter what the cost
Gonna get those Tahoes, so we can keep on rockin’


Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna keep us safe and sound
Gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground
Gonna get those Chevy Tahoe’s, gonna get us around town
Gonna keep us safe and sound, gonna take us higher, gonna take us to the ground

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Staff ReportSupplemental Budget RequestVehicle QuoteSole Source Justification



The City Manager’s Report states that there are upcoming meetings for the City Council, Planning Commission, Measure E, and Rohner Community Recreation and Park District that will take place in February and March of 2023. The dates and times of these meetings are listed in the Report.

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… or, as a Twitter thread!

It’s time for the City Manager’s Report! Here are the upcoming council and planning commission meeting dates:

Special Meeting/Workshop - Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 6pm
Regular City Council Meeting - Monday, March 6, 2023 at 6pm

Regular Planning Commission Meeting - Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 6pm
Regular Planning Commission Meeting - Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 6pm

Regular Measure E Meeting - Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 5:30pm
Regular RCRPD Meeting - Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 2:30pm

Make sure to save the dates and join us for these important meetings. #CityHall #MerrittPerry #CityManager

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Staff Report



a. Council Member Kyle Conley

b. Council Member Mike Losey

c. Council Member Kris Mobley

d. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Johnson

e. Mayor Tami Trent


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