September 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The County’s Exhibition at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair Sounds Spectacular, but Putting it Together and Getting it Back Was Kind of a Pain in the Ass

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Big Thrills and Young Romance! Or, Growing Up Among Eureka’s Many Majestic Midcentury Movie Palaces

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Memories of a Whaling Plant Union Member, 1940

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Infamous Showers Pass Murders, and an Innocent Man Framed by Probably the Most Corrupt District Attorney Ever Seen in Humboldt County

August 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Remembering the Wonderful Arcata Elementary Teachers of the 1880s, and the Horrible Ones, Along With My Schoolchums and the Scrapes We Got Into

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Humboldt County Fashion Options in the 1850s Were Truly Dismal, According to These Dandy Young Men From Pennsylvania

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Trains of Pack Mules Run By Famous Muleteers Opened Up the Humboldt Interior for Mining and Settlement

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Last Days of Chief Lassik

July 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Son of Abolitionist John Brown Ran a Very Successful Humboldt County Sheep Ranch

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Bret Harte Versus the Humboldt Times — the Newspaper Feud That Started With Japes and Jests and Ended Amid Genocide

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Wild, Wild Mattole Valley of the Last Midcentury, and How it Forever Enchanted One Young Boy

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: When the Syrup Extracted From Humboldt Tan Oaks Fueled the West Coast Leather Industry … and the Local Economy

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Growing Up in Crannell, the Lost Company Town Above the Banks of Little River

June 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: A Camping Trip to the Bald Hills, in 1874

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Life and Times of Jim Howard, a Civic Leader in 20th Century Eureka

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Mystery of Frank Winters, Eureka’s Pickle Man

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Back Before They Knew Any Better, Some Early White Settlers Thought They Could Build With Brick. So Some Became Brick-Makers

May 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: When We Rode the Madaket

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Eureka by Trolley! One Girl’s Memories of the City’s Magical Streetcar System

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Story of Amos Christie, the Eureka Ice Man Who Went On to Become a Football Star and a Hero of Medicine

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Tightrope Walkers, Canine Parachutists and Outright Snake-Oil Swindlers: The Itinerant Performers and Con Men Who Kept Early Eureka Entertained

April 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Story of the Last Man to be Hanged at the Humboldt County Jail — a Creepy, Murderous, Sad-Sack Stalker From Gold Country

The Three Telegrams: Or, How, 100 Years Ago, the Entire County Rallied ‘Round and Teamed Up With Dubious Capitalists to Save Bull Creek Flats From Pacific Lumber’s Axe

(PHOTOS) TIME CAPSULE OPENED! City of Eureka Unearths Box of Artifacts From Recently Demolished Lloyd Building

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: In the Midst of the Great Depression, Young People Would Gather at Fifth and Broadway and Walk in Circles Until They Dropped

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Remembering My Dad, a Lumberman and Self-Taught Botanist Who Became a Renowned Expert on Humboldt’s Native Lilies

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: The Making of a Yurok Woman Doctor

March 2023

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: When Blimps of War Dotted the North Coast Skies

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Remembering the Opulence and Healing Powers of the Forgotten Mineral Springs Resort Behind Fortuna

CROSSING THE WATER: Getting Over the Eel to Ferndale, Before and After the Bridge

February 2023

The Future of Quake-Damaged Fernbridge is Uncertain; New Bridge May Need to Be Built, Caltrans Says

December 2022

Deemed Unsafe After Last Week’s Quake, Eureka’s 107-Year-Old Lloyd Building Will be Demolished

June 2022

NPR’s ‘Planet Money’ Comes to the Redwoods, Asks, ‘What the Heck Happened to Orick?’

October 2021

Eureka Chinatown Project to Name Alley ‘Charlie Moon Way’ in Honor of Humboldt’s Legendary Chinese Immigrant

August 2021

‘Real History is Being Acknowledged’: Two Eureka Murals Shine a Spotlight on the City’s Racist Past

May 2021

‘Eureka Chinatown Project’ Will Rename, Add Mural to Downtown Alley to Teach Community About the History of Chinese Americans in Humboldt

December 2020

Six Rivers Charter Students Put Together 2021 Wall Calendar for the Local History Lover in Your Life

November 2020

(CORRECTION!) This Short Film Of Arcata in 1968 A Long Time Ago Shows How Much the Town Has (And Hasn’t) Changed Over the Last Five Decades

August 2020

New Bench at Myrtle Grove Cemetery Pays Homage to Eureka’s ‘First White Family’ and the Native Woman They Enslaved

July 2020

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: Schools, Churches, Masks and Quack Cures at the Height of the Deadly Flu Outbreak

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: What Happened When the Flu Overwhelmed Humboldt’s Medical System?

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: How Humboldt Tried to Slow the Spread

THE 1918 SPANISH FLU: A Virus Comes to Humboldt

June 2020

The Coast Guard Plans to Remove The Old Marine Railway at Station Humboldt Bay. Local Historians Are Unhappy.

April 2020

(PHOTOS) Local History Buff Shares Pictures Comparing Arcata’s Past and Present

August 2019

50 YEARS AGO TODAY: Presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, Future President Ronald Reagan and Others Touch Down at the Humboldt County Airport

The Arcata City Council Will Discuss Adding Plaque to Plaza Drinking Fountain to Teach You About Its Anti-Boozing History

February 2019

Ed’s Sanctuary: How an Ornate Hidden Garden Grew Into Eureka’s Largest Homeless Camp and Then Got Bulldozed by the City

May 2018

BEGINNER’S LUCK: The Man Who Introduced Me to Ka’tim’îin Schmidt

March 2018

(PHOTOS) These Historical Postcards Show Arcata’s McKinley Statue Through the Years

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