August 2020

New Bench at Myrtle Grove Cemetery Pays Homage to Eureka’s ‘First White Family’ and the Native Woman They Enslaved

July 2020

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: Schools, Churches, Masks and Quack Cures at the Height of the Deadly Flu Outbreak

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: What Happened When the Flu Overwhelmed Humboldt’s Medical System?

THE 1918 PANDEMIC: How Humboldt Tried to Slow the Spread

THE 1918 SPANISH FLU: A Virus Comes to Humboldt

June 2020

The Coast Guard Plans to Remove The Old Marine Railway at Station Humboldt Bay. Local Historians Are Unhappy.

April 2020

(PHOTOS) Local History Buff Shares Pictures Comparing Arcata’s Past and Present

August 2019

50 YEARS AGO TODAY: Presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, Future President Ronald Reagan and Others Touch Down at the Humboldt County Airport

The Arcata City Council Will Discuss Adding Plaque to Plaza Drinking Fountain to Teach You About Its Anti-Boozing History

February 2019

Ed’s Sanctuary: How an Ornate Hidden Garden Grew Into Eureka’s Largest Homeless Camp and Then Got Bulldozed by the City

May 2018

BEGINNER’S LUCK: The Man Who Introduced Me to Ka’tim’îin Schmidt

March 2018

(PHOTOS) These Historical Postcards Show Arcata’s McKinley Statue Through the Years

OUR DOOMED RAILROAD: Deadly Bluffs, Blunderous Engineering and the Avaricious Founder of Rio Dell — A Train Catastrophe Foretold

November 2017

HCSO Remembers Former Sheriff Gene Cox, Killed in the Line of Duty 35 Years Ago

April 2017

American Guerrilla: HSU Professor Places Tuluwat Massacre in Long History of American Irregular Warfare

January 2017

(VIDEO, PHOTOS) Hallelujah! Centerville Cross Rescued from Cliff’s Edge

December 2016

(VIDEO, PHOTOS) Recent Erosion Leaves the Centerville Beach Cross Teetering on the Edge of a Cliff

June 2016

This Photo of a Eureka Restaurant With a Racist Name is Now in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

April 2016

LoCO May Be Too Dumb to Appreciate This Weekend’s Citywide Multimedia Installation on the Legacy of Fort Humboldt

May 2015

In Shelter Cove, Cultures Collide on Either End of a Disputed Coastal Trail

April 2015

How Many of Humboldt’s Ex-Venues Can You Name?

DRONKERS’ DEEP WEB: Plaza Fights, Opium, Bashful Proclivities

March 2015

70 Years Later: Remembering the Japanese Attack on Hayfork

September 2014

Bell Ceremony Honors First Responders Lost on Sept. 11

July 2014

Undressing the Carson Block Building

May 2014

Old-Timey Humboldt Grower Tells His Story to Mother Jones

April 2014

32-Year-Old News Story on Humboldt Weed Scene Proves We’re Stuck in Time

March 2014

Read Eureka’s Letter of Apology for 1860 Wiyot Massacre

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