The Humboldt Hustle

It is difficult for a regular-ass person with a regular-ass job to have a regular-ass place anywhere in the United States of America. No matter where you live you struggle to get by, and it seems that Humboldt County is no different. You have to want to be here. If you are going to struggle, it might as well be where you want to be.

Humboldt County is historically unkind to the average worker. Locals and transplants alike struggle to stay afloat, and we see businesses close their doors more often than not. It is practically mandatory for everyone to have two, sometimes three jobs just to make rent. If you are not selling your time, you pick up a skill, or make something to sell. This is not a big city but we are forced to hustle in order to be here.

Welcome to the Humboldt Hustle.

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