April 2024

GUEST OPINION: Why I’m Open to Offshore Wind, by an Environmental Attorney Who is Often Against Things

December 2023

OPINION: It’s Time for the Offshore Wind Industry to Commit to Community Investments

November 2023

GUEST OPINION: McKinleyville High School Students Deserve Better

August 2023

GUEST OPINION: Like Eureka, McKinleyville Also Has an Excess of Parking Spaces That Could Be Housing

OPINION: Enviros and Labor Alike Say, ‘For Good Jobs in Offshore Wind, Pass the Labor Agreement Now!’

July 2023

OPINION: An Arcata Councilmember Writes: If You’re Concerned About the Future of Arcata, Maybe You Should Remember What Happened With Craftsman’s Mall

May 2023

GUEST OPINION: President Biden and Speaker McCarthy, US Taxpayers Shouldn’t Pay Big Agribusiness’ Water Bills

GUEST OPINION: We’re Old as Hell, and We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore! Humboldt County Needs to Get its Act Together to Support a Rapidly Aging Population

GUEST OPINION: Responsible Offshore Wind Development Starts at the Port

April 2023

OPINION: Let’s Do Better at Funding Our Public Transit System

February 2023

GUEST OPINION: Rob Arkley’s Love of Parking Lots Reflects a Bias Embedded in Our Car-Centric Culture

November 2022

GIVING TUESDAY! There’s All Different Sorts of Nonprofits You Can Give To Today, and Doing So Will Make You Feel Good

October 2022

OPINION: Be Careful and Do Some Research Before You Sign Up for ‘Medicare Advantage’

May 2022

GUEST OPINION: If We Want to Save the Humboldt Way of Life, Maybe We Should Plan For Lots More Growth and Housing Development

OPINION: Puff, Puff, Pass the Blame. Hypocritical Humboldt Hits Chesa Boudin on Drugs (A View from San Francisco)

February 2022

Here, We Propose, is the New Rule: If a Worker is Wearing a Mask, Then You are Wearing a Mask

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