I just happened across this tonight, and I like the way Sproul shows that pattern of God covering our sins began with Adam and Eve.…

Hi Mabel! Being busy with other things is good, in my opinion. I did my marsh walk today and saw a bird I have not seen before. It’s a crappy …

Right on this time for Humboldt and their informants. That’s the kinda shut you should only inform on!!!!

You reacted with constraint and composure, all the while standing your ground. You’re a true gentleman that will someday have a lovely woman standing with you.😃

32 quarter bricks of gold I’d say it was a good day.

Upon further investigation i think Trump and Lewandowski may have done a masterfull job of trolling CNN.I suspect CNN may have thought there was bad blood between the two.I don’t …

Spelunking for treasures?

I’ve actually been out in the boonies it’s fun but taxing.

I can intuit from the responses that they’ve been running as rampantly as usual. You’d think they’d get bored with the same script day after day after day.Been up and …

Being trolled by td trolls but nothing we can’t deal with ,good to see up and about.

Responding to the prospect of learning something new with annoyance is THEIR problem and no one else’s.

Thanks, friend.Nothing I won’t survive.Was able to be around today for being far too busy with other things.Hope your day went well.

You inspired me today (I knew about the attempt on his life; NOT that the CIA was involved; Jeezus!) with the post about BOB. His music blasted out the whole …

Lost my Future Bro-in-Law there 25 years ago; Eric Roripaugh…. (RIP) Legend

“We’re all in the same boat…”

Me too.

I suppose he is showing is true colors. Prior to the election, DAV was nice regular guy. Politics suck.

Minus 10g for the bags………

Thank you, toad; that’s touching. I think I was quite naive about cyberspace when I came onto the Weather thread. I woke up fast.

Ya i was just trying to kick it at the club house. Those two remind me of someone here… Hmmmm.

It’s OK. I respect your opinion and experience. I’m a slow learner (ask my teachers).

Well, I think I finally figured out who that cool cat is. Will wonders never cease? It would be great if he could find time to crochet, too.

That scale if filthy!

It’ll never work; different species.

Sept Alex member?

Being in a helicopter for fifteen or twenty minutes is fun, being in one for a few hours is brutal.

Yes, I love even you.

And they would have won.I probably would had called the cops (just to file a complaint)He defiantly took the high ground. It may have been because the girl so obviously …

Gnar-gnar? Your two-year-old giving you a hand with updates?

You are gracious. I think insults are his forte, so I replied to him in kind. Shoe on the other foot, so to speak. I’ll try to keep out of …