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Does that include any pistol with a clip?

Just realized it when my dander got up and I started spittin’ through the keyboard. :)

How about doing something realistic? Thoughts and prayers are so sweet and don’t do a damn thing. Also people in accidents, tragedies are not reading about it. they have some …

After having been downrange in a School Shooting they seem to be pretty informed on the issue to me.

My situation is a little odd, but I’m working on it.

Ban all Semi-Auto Weapons.

Afternoon Bonnie. :o)

The real issue is how to get them away from people who already own them.

Dementors—-wraithlike creatures that suck the soul out of people in the Harry Potter books.

“If you loudly pronounce you’re going to come first, your going to have trouble finding partners.” John Stewart Terrible. Just terrible.

That’s good.


There is everything RIGHT with this activism, IMO.

Oh, bugger off. You know damn well that’s not the intent of that post.

Right on!!!

Disgusting! (Can you tell I’m disgusted/fed up with it tonight? I must finally be feeling better…)

Puke. I hope not. Dump his body in the sea for the sharks.

Painful, though.

Is that the same bonnie blue that was on here before or is that someone else? It must be terrible to be “blocked”, just terrible.



Where is Thurgood Marshall when we need him? Where is his replacement? (I’ve had enough of this bull by now.)

I know you work with kids in grade school, but you have worked with older ones too. Can you participate in any of the planned walkouts?

Ban all assault rifles.

The BEST picture of him, IMO.Hi, Jim.

How about listening to their parents and grandparents? They are educated either by life experience, school, or both. Most voters support tougher gun laws.

No. I’m saying that I’m stoked that young people are becoming involved in an issue that directly affects them. There is NOTHING wrong with this activism, in my opinion.

Are you saying that we as a nation should base our national policies on what uneducated and uninformed teenagers glean and regurgitate from social media?

Easy to do when politicians are sticking their B.S. covered foot in their mouth every time they opened their mouths.

“Soul” works for me.

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