What ever happened with all the talk about wave generation?

Who almost all lost!Good work Humboldt, at resisting the racist, lying, hate-mongering, terrorist traitors of the US right wing!Everyone knows what a bunch of incompetent losers the so-called conservatives are!

There is a fortune to spend. Probably just use the big easement that feeds the pulp mills

I mean, pretty much all companies have limited liability status, no?

Yeah, I’m sure they just spent nearly a billion on leasing rights with no realistic plan to complete the projects.

It will cost a fortune.


Unless you sat in on the the selection phase of the jury you have no idea of their political leanings. On another note, the potential fine amounts to a slap …

A connection from an existing easement to the sea would not be difficult

What he said

Nobody friggin cares.

The two Transmission lines going to the valley are rated at 115kv each, and they were built/designed with redundancy in mind. Should one 115kv circuit fail due to storm, fire, …

I agree with you on that. A non-starter.

But those new lines will need a route out. The obvious one would be over the existing PG&E easements. I believe there are three leaving Humboldt. Two to the valley …

There were approved US bidders on the list

That’s exactly what ownership is. There’s no such thing as non-violent ownership.

Believe in fairy tales all you want. I believe you’ve been duped by the nuke industry, which is essentially a welfare industry that relies on guiding your thoughts. Nukes take …

Your sad 😞, which is big part of the problem in this country. Just like the jury for tRump University and the TRump Foundation. Both of those were fraud also. …

PGE’s easements do not extend to sea.

Ownership is what a government claims and controls by force or threat thereof and allows certain persons and entities to use for a while for a price and upon any …

PG&E’s transmission lines lack the capacity for anything bigger than a ~150MW project, so we are going to need to substantially improve our existing grid infrastructure. Here’s an opportunity to …

Congress makes more wind than this project will ever do. Lets just scrap all commercial fishing so we can maybe light our Xmas tree. One pile of horse doo used …

All for alternatives and evironmental progress for humankind, but personally still believe in nuclear. Most fo these fixes take a lot of resouces to make and produce a lot of …

What U.S. companies bid on these leases?

No one does, he must have meant ironic.

By a leftwing jury

They aren’t getting mine!

So the government allows foreign companies with limited liability status to exploit our ocean?

I’m not sure who owns the easements. Probably PG&E or an earlier entity they absorbed

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