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Aaawwww sheet, they gonna go “fornicate” in that roach spray, look out.

Aaaaaawwwwww snap!…

Which one of you fools gonna get up and dance? Yaaaaaaassssss! Monday night partay, Hollywood Swinging. Virtual beer heading in your direction, catch! ;)

Man, I did my 255 lbs deadlifts today, I got my shit done. Monday night partaaaay, yaaaaassssss!

quit babbling, no one likes you .

Put the beer down and get in shape. Overweight people are making up the bulk of ICU patients. This is not a fat joke.

That’s it right there. But I bet they think that if they were cancel his shitstorm live unreality TV show they would have to look for real news stories like …

If you’re alone masturbating is a blast. There’s also trolling, bird watching and Switch online. My Mii is named Rona. I miss Bingo with the crew.

The report is tiresome, spanning more than 100 pages with graphs and charts that may seem overwhelming to many. It also delves into the boring DOD acquisition process and other …

Second week of quarantine, listening to fecking disco, drinking all my expensive beers in one sitting, about to get up and dance with whatever cat is awake. Thankssssssssssssssssssss Trump! Or …

Stanky Jenkins”I know.”

That’s cute. Try your best to convince yourself.Look in the mirror and say it loudly. Repeat after me:I’m good enoughI’m smart enoughand doggone it, people like me!edit: for affirmation!

You should shelter,being at risk and all.

^Epic Projection^

Gavin Newsom - Handling Coronavirus in California Governor Gavin Newsom discusses meeting his state’s need for ventilators, avoiding outbreaks in California’s prisons, and other aspects of managing the coronavirus pandemic …

Stanky Jenkinsan hour ago”I don’t think…”

Those three are unhinged freaks. Ignore them.

Good evening old bat, Trump 2020

Congress. It’s a check from Congress. If it was from him it would probably bounce higher than his ego. (The highest point known to man.)

Damn, why can’t I ever get invited to a bangin’ party like that?

Did i hurt your old bat feelings, quattro mecha?

No one cares.

Heart disease has killed 840,000 people just in the US in 2016, not sure i want that to double every year, Coronavirus will never keep up with that number ,but …

I don’t need my ego stroked.

Actually I do. But I’m sure that misses your point.

Donald Trump: Tiger King President King Joe Exotic isn’t just one of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet in your life— he could also be the president of the …

Perfect song for these times.…

Teenagers have a higher chance of killing oneself than being killed by the corona lmao

Does that stroke your E-go?edit:

Heh… I skipped one too. Daddy Bush. Even though I believed that his actions in Kuwait and Iraq were justified, he quit before the job was finished. He should have …

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