Jim is back

dont like the taxes because they “do not fund social services as promised, does not curb non-compliant farms; it punishes compliant ones, goes directly to the General Fund and can …

I guess that petition going around Petrolia didn’t work.

It’s not that bad

Put a bullet in his head

FAKE UNITY!!More fraud against the California Bernie peoples at the DNC. Seat fillers and white noise machines…

Bummer. Rabies is a crazy infection……

BillyRay,, Stick with the banjo lessons and forget about this… Ya hear!!

Truck wins.


I noticed that the flags appeared the next day..Strange.

Long live the Marleys… Bob was a big part of my life and kept me living with his music…

Nor-Cal is crawling with men like that…. So depressing

Um, according to?

Oh my mauve bath towels! I love those

Maybe you should do the same for your brother as far as taking judgment and shoving it. Drug addiction is a very dark hole that’s very hard to climb out …

Um actually Trump is leading.

Apparently he only read Huff post.

I hope Ferndale will get a health inspector like this one…. This is Ferndale not Mexico…

When in doubt, report bad places on Yelp, that’s what I use—good and bad. Other people have problems with Gonsea……

Put him in Bubba’s cell.

Well she upvoted a post of mine so I know she’s around. .

It’s not his nose that grows… just his ego not to mention stupidity!!!

where is she??

Hi hermit😃.

You always give me a good chuckle. Go Giants! My part time job has been torturing my brain-too much math and overall organization. That’s not how I work!

yes - very much the marine general! it was good, this last night of the convention is really positive and inspiring. Cept Giants and Washingtons are on now so gotta …

Thank you for posting this. Again, I’m so sorry, but I’m sure you made the right choice.

Let’s see they’ve been at this for years. Environmental destruction, kids get free lunch because they have “no income”. Sure they’re on medical for the same reason. I think it’s …

kyoto is pretty bad,u know as a delivery person recently told me